Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Life In It's Simple Beauty

We have some quotes in a prominent place in our home. Two of them really apply to yesterday.

One says, "We don't remember the days, we remember the moments"

The other says "Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

One of those moments happened yesterday.

late in the afternoon Olivia, Malia and Emma came walking in with arm loads of weeds. These are no ordinary weeds, but they really are some of the prettier weeds that grow around here. Every spring we are surrounded by volunteer flowers that grow 2-3' tall and profusely bloom in white. The girls wanted to know what to do with their treasures. I told them to go get vases. I walked into the kitchen a little while later and they had pulled out 3 very large vases and were diligently arranging flowers. These weeds were filling vases that I am sure were meant for beautiful roses but instead held weeds. The girls were so proud of what they had done. As I looked at their accomplishments I was in awe at how a common weed can be turned into something so beautiful. We placed these vases around the house and throughout the rest of the evening I took in their beauty and felt gratitude that something we work so hard to rid ourselves of can be transformed into a point of happiness in our lives.

I have often pondered why so many plants considered weeds can be so beautiful. I have passed by lawns dotted with dandelions and thought how beautiful it was. If only it was socially acceptable I would allow the dandelions to continue to dot my lawn for the summer. Or the Alfalfa that grows even after it has been plowed under and houses built. It reminds me of the saying

"When you receive lemons make lemonade."

If we don't have the beautiful flower garden we can turn to the imperfect yet beautiful weeds to brighten our lives. And of course, the precious beautiful children that accompany them.

And the finished product.

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