Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Have Some Great Girls

In the past few days I have seen some behaviors that are not very Christ like. Some of the girls needed a little reminder on how to treat each other with kindness and what a family is for. I sat down with 4 of the girls in front of me. The girls listed things a family does and why families were created. They had fantastic answers including Olivia saying "they are there to love". They really demonstrated that they understood why we are a family. The conversation progressed into the option of giving ourselves time outs. I wanted the girls to recognize that sometimes we need to remove ourselves from situations and that it is perfectly OK. They all had to give me some ways that they could take a time out and do something that makes them happy. Sometimes we think that if we are grumpy we should suffer through then we cause others to become grumpy too. Well I don't like that method even though I tend to do it. I wanted to teach my girls better coping mechanisms that I am just learning to use myself. We went down the line and the girls gave me some great answers like, "read the Friend", "Go outside and smell the flowers", "Dance", "Sing and song". Malia couldn't think of one so Niya helped her. Niya whispered in her ear and Malia spoke up "Make cookies". I said to her "I can't make cookies every time you are sad". Hannah, who was not a part of the conversation piped in "If you did that for me you would be making cookies every day". This comes from the mouth of a hormonal girl.:)

Don't you just love these honest and innocent preteen girls. They are emotional yet they are also teachable. Teach them while it's early:)

Ressa made a comment the other day that made me feel really good. Ressa has great friends, girls that any mom would be proud to have as daughters for all the right reason. She said that her friends have conversations about the fights they get into with their moms. She can't relate because she hasn't had a fight with her mom. I've never thought about that before but it's true, we haven't had a fight, ever. There is a mutual respect between us. We may not always agree but we never fight. I love that about my kids! Ressa is a great person and I will miss her when she goes off to college in August!

Those of you that don't know my kids, I wish you could meet them. They are incredible.

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  1. I would have to thoroughly agree with you on that one. You DO have some great girls.
    I can't believe Ressa is off to college in a month.

    Sheeeeeesh !!!!