Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Laundry Party!

Yes, the laundry got out of control again. Any bump in the road causes a  laundry pile up. So this time I decided that since the kids are off track that they would have the opportunity to fold. :)) Here is what happened.

All the kids brought the laundry into the family room so there would be room for everyone to help.
Pierce picked up the camera and decided it was more fun to be the photographer.

Casey then turned on the soundtrack of Cool Runnings.
This started the dancing. Gideon loved his newer found abilities to dance.

Bria is a great worker and once she gets started she will help to the very end.
Getting her started is the problem. :)

Hyrum loves the praise. As soon as he gets it he is done.

Gideon even tried his hand at folding, or unfolding.

Notice the kids hiding in the back by the couch. I have evidence now!
Anyone that has children knows there are some that
have a harder time working than others.

The fashion show begins. Marshall decided he wanted to be a ballet dancer.

This is a great bribe shot. How many 12 year old boys would allow you to take a picture of this?

Hyrum LOVES to dance. He was in heaven with the twirly skirt!

What an adorable princess Bria is.

A cute picture just for good measure.

And once again, Casey in yet another beautiful dress.

Malia and Bria were hugging so I told Pierce to get a picture.
Clayson had to jump in and be a part of things.

This has to be my favorite picture! 
What precious soul Gideon is.

Everyone worked SO hard, not, that they got tuckered out.
Sweet picture anyway. 
I find great joy in seeing the love and tenderness between the kids.

Gideon's first check up is in the morning. From what I understand he will have another Echo and do some other testing. Hopefully it's pretty thorough. I have some concerns and hope that there is something that can be done to help. I am also going to ask about an oxygen monitor that is accurate. I would feel much better knowing where his oxygen is when he is getting blue. Last night was the worst episode yet. His lips, fingers and toes all turned blue. I was really hoping that wouldn't happen for a couple of years.

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  1. Those pictures are priceless! I can't wait to see them in our next family reunion video. (Take Note Darci!) Doreen