Monday, May 20, 2013

Diaper Ritual

A day or two after we got back from China I was changing Gideon's diaper. As I have done for many of the babies in our house, I take the diaper off, fold it up and toss it to the nearest child to put in the garbage outside. This one action started a ritual with Gideon. As soon as I finish changing his diaper he has to grab it and throw it to the child of his choice so they can throw it away.

Now, the kids don't think this is such an honor but they are all good sports. Unfortunately for Niya and Marshall Gideon likes their names best so they are called most often. This morning when I took off the diaper Gideon jumped up before I had him dressed. I had mistakenly handed the diaper to Pierce to throw away so Gideon had to hurry and take charge. Gideon, wearing only his diaper, grabbed the used diaper out of Pierces hand. He then started yelling "Niya, Niya". I looked over to see Gideon, with his arm raised high diaper in hand, staring down Hyrum. Hyrum knew he was pegged. His eyes opened wide as his lips formed a perfect O. In the next second Hyrum turns high tale, arms out, yelling 


Pictures from a different diaper experience but still cute.
Please note, the dirty diapers don't get tossed only wet.

If you are wondering, Hyrum loves to wear mom's sweater on his head.
It must make him feel like a super hero.
He can do anything now that he has a mom, right?

I love these boys!!

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  1. Oh man, that is hilarious! I miss those boys :)
    For some reason blogger is being weird and not letting me post as myself, but do you even need to ask who this is?