Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Growing Love

As a mother it is very satisfying to see the evidence of love between children. We witness these acts of love more every day with Gideon being the instigator of much tenderness. We have done 8 adoptions and know that what we are experiencing now is a gift from God and from a pure little boys heart. 

The children came to visit Gideon in the hospital and while we were there
Hyrum walked up to the bed and Gideon grabbed his hand and held it for a long time.
Gideon had only known the children for a week at this point but he quickly developed 
a love and trust in them. 

Yesterday Gideon grabbed on the Bria hand, or finger, and walked with her. 
He was so sweet with her and just wanted to be close. We got another picture of Gideon
holding Bria's hand. We just missed the kiss that he gave her.
Gideon has brought so much love and peace to our family. 
We could never imagined the blessing Gideon would bring to us.
I hope that through this experience I will not question when
God asks for us to act. He always blesses us

though sometimes we don't see or experience the blessings
until after the trial of our faith.

Hyrum couldn't find a spot on my lap so he chose to hug my leg.
I love that smile of his.

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