Monday, May 6, 2013

Healing, Adjustments and Hair Cuts

This week has been way too busy. In my mind I expected to come home from the hospital and sit with Gideon while he was still down. I was with Gideon a lot but there was no sitting. This little boy has been up and around all week. Even when he was not on pain meds he didn't slow down. Gideon has a new found energy and is using it to the fullest. He wants to be in the middle of everything. It has been pretty clear most of the week when he was in pain. He would start to fuss or cry and grab at  his chest. A clear sign medicine was needed. He doesn't like the medicine but has been very compliant, that is until he started to feel better.

This was the progression of administering his lasiks last night.
You will notice the bruise on his cheek.  Hopefully Gideon will become more steady
and not fall as often.

Today was a different story. He decided to run away when it was time for medicine. Our compliant little boy has disappeared. I guess that means he is more comfortable with us.

The whole family has had to make adjustments. Over all it is going well but there are moments of challenge. Hyrum and Bria have shown the greatest signs of stress from adding a new sibling. It has been cute to watch Gideon's reaction to all the children. Every child in the family has welcomed Gideon with open arms. It is clear that Gideon knows he is loved here. Yesterday the family went to church while Gideon and I stayed home. He was so sad and fussed the WHOLE 5 hours they were gone. As soon as Doug and the kids got home he was all smiles. 

Gideon is really feeling the adjustment and loss right now. He cries easily and gets fussy out of nowhere. I have seen great progress but it is still hard to watch the pain of his loss. Mom is his go to person when he is not feeling secure. Even Dad does not cut it any more. I see him feeling his pain and at times it is frustrating because I can't do anything for him. For the most part though, I realize this is what needs to take place for the fastest healing.

Gideon's first camp fire. He likes marshmallows but not roasted.

Last Saturday while I was still at the hospital Malia decided she wanted to cut her hair. I'm not sure the exact reason because I have gotten several. The bottom line is, she took the front of her hair and cut it about 4 inches from the scalp. She didn't want me to tell anyone but there was no hiding it. I finally convinced her to get it cut short so today off we went to the salon. 

Malia didn't want her picture taken but she consented when I told her Ressa, 
her sister, would want to see it.



  1. Malia, it looks beautiful! But then you always look beautiful.
    We love seeing the pictures of Gidion and his wonderful smile.
    Our love is with you, Danya

  2. I love Malia's hair! Love the beautiful smile too!

    Aunt Doreen