Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birds, Toilets, Birds Nests and Strollers

What do Toilets and birds have in common?

Nothing. :)

But Toilets and Strollers most definitely do. Can you guess how?

This is just a random compilation of experiences in the Walker home.

While Gideon was in the hospital the kids had some excitement. They woke up to a bird in the house. After some gentle manipulation they coaxed it out. They then went on the hunt to see how the bird got in. This bird had obviously been trapped in the laundry room because he left his mark, if you know what I mean, on the cupboard, floor and clean clothes. Funny, I cleaned it all up when I got home after a long sleepless night in the hospital not the kids. :) They were too grossed out by it.  No hint was found as to where the bird got in the house. A few days later another bird got in. Still no clue where he came in from. Weird.

Yesterday Gideon walked out of my bedroom with the rod that holds our toilet paper. I knew from that he had been playing in my bathroom. 2 year olds and bathrooms don't mix. I immediately went to him and asked him to help me put it back. We walked in to this site.

This is Bria's church shoe, a full roll or toilet paper and the instrument to stir the pot, our toilet paper rod.

For the last couple of weeks I have noticed that the dryer takes an hour and a half to dry a load that should take 45 minutes. I began to wonder if we needed to hook up our second dryer and get rid of this one. This morning I decided to see if there was something plugging up the dryer vent. It was fairly unlikely because our dryer vents directly outside with about 4 inches from the dryer to the outside wall, a straight shot. I pulled the dryer out and climbed behind it. Voila!!


A birds nest. Now we know where our random birds came from.
They had to have flown out of the open dryer.

Now how do strollers and toilets go together?


Gideon had brought all but one stroller up from the downstairs and
proceeded to throw them back down the stairs, just for the fun of it.

Maybe we have too many doll strollers. 

We have been struggling with Gideon taking all the books off the shelves and carrying them around.
Today he chose a new activity to use the books for.
He took off the heating vent in the floor and shoved several down the vent.
The worst part was, his book of choice, the scriptures.
Maybe he loves the scriptures so much already that he needs to have them as his constant companions.


  1. Oh, I had a kid that unloaded every book shelf. So endless, but it did end. Zhou Zhou fed our vent crayons, one by one... I still don't know if I got them all out... :) Good thing they're so cute!

  2. My now 6 year old had so much fun making messes. She still does once in awhile. Hope Gideon grows out of it soon!

  3. I just love your crazy life. Keep posting. It makes me happy.