Friday, March 23, 2012

Second Cast

Monday we went back to Shriners to get another cast for Bria. We had to be there by 7:30am.  That means we picked the kids up out of bed, put them in the car and left by 6:50am. Hyrum was so excited to go. He has no idea what it really means for Bria and she wasn't quite as excited but had no problem. We went right in and they cut her cast off.  We were able to wash her up and get the dead skin off in hopes that she won't itch. She didn't want to get out of the water even though it was just a wash cloth and a faucet.  She loves water and can't go near it for now.

We had the same doctor as we had for the first cast, overseeing an intern. The doctor shaped the plaster cast on the foot then she turned wrapping over to the intern.  I stood there and watched this guy getting more and more frustrated at his inability to wrap a cast. the doctor had to intervene a few times and tell him things like "leave some room at the top so it doesn't rub her raw". He had no idea what she was talking about.  I think I will avoid using that intern as a doctor.  I would rather have someone with a natural ability not someone leaning from trial and error. The doctor's patience really impressed me. She was frustrated but didn't really let him see it.

After the cast was wrapped it was clear that Bria's pants we have been using for the previous two weeks would no longer work. I figured at least I could put her leggings on with a skirt or dress and still be ok.  I tried to get her leggings on and they wouldn't even go over her toes.  It was no use, pants and leggings were out. That night I had to stay up and make her a skirt long enough to cover her while she sat with her legs wide apart. So at 10:00pm I started and by 10:45pm, which was about 15 minutes longer than I should have taken, I was done. It really turned out cute and works perfectly. I wanted to make her more but found a box of clothes that I had saved from Malia and there were a lot of skirts with shorts attached and dresses that will work great.  Bria now has a new wardrobe. Anyone needing to do casting be aware that pants will not work with the cast and buy clothes accordingly.  Wider shorts like gym shorts are OK for the boys. They get over the cast just fine.

Right after check-in.

Hyrum loves this toy. It has magnets on the lizards and you can move them from the bottom.

The tool that is used for cutting the cast off is very loud and scary. Bria had not seen this before. I  put her on the  table  and they pulled out the saw before we knew what was going on. 

Bria started shrieking. I couldn't get her to calm down. 

She was pretty traumatized. There was no pain involved but like the dentist,
the  noises are enough to put you over the top. 

I don't remember the title Jilliam holds but she is the one in charge of keeping the kids happy and content.
She does a great job. She brought an IPad in and put on a show. Bria immediately stopped crying with that.

First, they wrap the whole leg with gauze. Based on where the raw spots are from the first cast they put extra gauze in some places. They then wet the plaster wrap and wrap it around her foot and half way up her calf. 

The doctor continually molds and massages the foot into position while the plaster sets.
They have to wait a few minutes before wrapping the other type of cast or the skin will burn.
Both the plaster and other material are heat set so if both are hot at the same time the heat gets trapped
and burns the skin.

The intern then wrapped the other cast material while the doctor kept Bria's leg in position.

This is a rendering of the casting process.

Our beautiful Bria with an ever brightening smile. She chose the green cast and loves her new skirt.

Bria has been walking on it now for 5 days and this cast is not holding up as well. The shape is different enough that she can't walk on the bottom of the cast so she walks on the toe. I hope this will last for another week and two days. We were told we could get fake Crocs to put over the cast but I just haven't gotten them yet. I guess I better make that a priority.

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  1. What a sweet smile she has. I truly had no idea what a blessing Shriners is to so many. Love you!