Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Can Play Toys!!

In the last couple of weeks Hyrum spends his whole day playing.  I mean really playing.  When we got him he had no idea what to do with a car, block or ball. We tried to teach him to race the cars across the floor but couldn't get why. He wouldn't throw a ball or play catch. He had no idea how to play pretend. He now goes to the play room and gets out the cars and will play with 20 at a time.  He puts the Lego guys in them and pushes them around the house.  He can't do this alone though so he has to have a playmate.  During the day it's always Bria.  He needs her so that while he is playing cars he has someone to pretend with.  They love to play dinner!! I think I feed the doll 5 times a day.

Hyrum is also obsessed with food. For the first couple of months I allowed him to eat whenever he wanted but I soon discovered that all he would do is snack and not eat his meals anymore. I decided that I would limit when he ate.  He seemed to do fine with that.  I was talking with a friend that has done international adoption many times and I was reminded that he still needed to be eating whenever he wanted so that he learned food was always available. He will come to me many times and ask "cracker, Mama Yea?" I will say yes and he says "Mama, Yea?" I tell him yes once again and he pumps his hand and gets excited and runs to the pantry.  I finally told him to just eat when he wanted to. 

The other day he came to me with crumbs on his face and I could tell he had been in the pantry. I had put the food up higher so that he couldn't get to it hoping he would make better food choices if he was limited. I asked him who gave it to him and he said he did.  So then I asked him to show me.  I walked in the pantry and he was climbing up on a bucket of rice to reach the higher shelf. He was so cute with his big smile reaching into the chip bag. He is getting so smart.

Hyrum pulled the bucket from under the shelf all on his own.

Bria had to join in the fun.

She climbed up on her own and when she discovered what she got she was very happy.

Hyrum was so proud of the fence he made.


  1. Congratulations to Hyrum! Playing is a big deal. My daughter didn't have any toys in China, but she did know how to play and pretend, and I was so thankful for that.

  2. Thanks for the food tip. I am going to need all the help I can get!