Sunday, March 11, 2012

Casting Has Started

It never seems like we have much out of the ordinary happening at our house.  I talked with Ressa on Wednesday and she asked what was new.  I said nothing?.?. Well I was wrong. I couldn't figure out why I would have forgotten to tell her about Bria, then I realized I just take it all in stride because there is so much coming at me at once.  That is just my life and it makes every day a new adventure.

Bria had another appointment at Shriner's on Monday. I didn't know what to expect because we have had to take each appointment one at a time.  We would discover something new or have another question about her foot so we couldn't start casting until all questions were cleared up. I figured we would just go for a consultation and hopefully get a solid direction to go in to fix her club foot.  We came out of our appointment an hour later with a full cast on her foot and leg.  Shriner's is so amazing!

The cast slowly moves her foot, ankle and knee into the proper position.  The original prognosis was 6 months of casts and at least 2 years of braces.  The doctor believes that 2 months may do it.  Bria will go in every two weeks to change out the cast and reposition her foot. Once that is complete we will see how her ankle moves and hopefully the braces will be all that is needed.  Bria's ankle is pretty stiff and she has a hard time lifting her foot straight up but they said that sometimes that will heal as everything gets moved into the right position. Once the casting is done we will know more. I walked out of Shriner's thinking this is the easiest special need we could have chosen for a child.  I still feel that way.

I am so glad that it looks like a two month process.  I would hate to see her have to go through the summer in a cast.  She can't play in the sand and we have a very large sand box that all the kids love. She can't swim or even get wet.  How will we do baths? The sponge, of course. It's a good thing she is young and doesn't get stinky.  Love those Asian genes.  They really don't sweat. I can't wait to see her run in the grass and dig in the sand with the other kids.  She loves the outdoors and will go outside whenever she can get someone to go with her. It will be such a fun summer.  I am going to take full advantage of the sunshine and get my kids out as often as possible. Hyrum and Bria have never had freedom in the outdoors and they are going to get all they can for the first time in their lives.

Bria getting looked over before her last test to see if she had all the nerves and muscles.

The Doctor needed to mark her foot to see what was specifically in that spot.
Sporting her new pink cast.  She chose the color.

Bria and Emma dancing on the front porch in the beautiful sunshine. Bria is pivoting on her cast.  Amazing!

Posing for the camera.  Emma asks every day if she can go to dance class. 
Hyrum joined in on the fun.

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  1. I am thankful you have chosen to post this. Our little Shanghai Princess has club foot and her right foot is pointed to the can see pics of her foot on our blog. We're hoping the casting will work but so far the one surgery she has had on it (tendon lengthening) has made things worse. We can't wait to get her here and work on her little foot!

    Here's a link to the photos that show her foot.