Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bananas, Bananas and more Bananas

I was at the store that can not be named (it's about as evil as Voldemort). No, I really just don't like their business practices so I try to stay away from them. I happened to need something and didn't have much time so the closest store had to do and there I stood.  In the entrance they had bananas for .30/pound. That is a great price so I decided to get some from bread and Banana milk.

Pierce and I loaded our cart with several bunches.  I thought I'd better get a few more because the kids will eat a lot if I bought them. So we loaded more bananas.  I began to wish they had boxes so I could have just gotten a box. My cart ended up more than half full of bananas.  It was just a little embarrassing.  I don't know why it bothered me.  I haven't had a problem being embarrassed when I buy 15 cases of strawberries, what's the difference? I figured I had taken my share and walked away knowing I would wish I had bought more.

On our way to get another item I found gold. Really, it was gold. Boxes upon boxes of bananas. Whoa! What could I do with all that? My mind really began to go.  How much freezer space did I have? Frozen bananas are very useful for smoothies, bread or muffins.  And let me tell you my banana bread recipe is the best EVER! I told Pierce to get another cart and we filled it with 4 more 40# boxes of bananas.  Of course, just like me I thought "I'm going to wish I bought more" but I exercised self control. How can you resist a $12 box with 40#'s of bananas.

I got home and the kids were a little shocked at all the bananas.  Once I told them of all the awesome things we could make they were ready to work. We peeled and stuffed gallon bags with bananas. After doing 4 boxes of bananas and a half a cart full we only had about 30 bags of bananas.  That translates to 30 times we can make smoothies or bread.  That just was not enough, knowing how much most of the kids love both, so I was off to the store that can not be named. We got 3 more boxes and I was ready to go.  I don't think I will wish I had gotten more. At least for a few months anyway. :)

Did you know that banana's turn your hands brown?

The gang peeling and packing bananas. The boys are conspicuously absent. Pierce was reading, Casey taking pictures and Marshall and Clayson, who knows where they were.  As soon as anyone showed their face they then had to peel bananas.  It only took us an hour to do the first batch of bananas.

Hyrum was a good helper.  He loved putting bananas in the bag.  At one point I looked over and he was breaking all the bananas into small pieces.  Not the best way to freeze bananas for our use.

Malia helped the whole time. She was also the one to decide if the fruit was good enough to freeze or if it was to be made into bread that evening.

Bria didn't stop for even a minute.  She started with me and ended with me.  We have a very good worker on our hands.

Hannah decided that she would rather make bread instead of doing bananas. She did a fantastic job!  The bread was excellent.

She is going to be a beautiful and competent mother one day. 


  1. HA! That is so something I would have done! I freeze bananas all the time but never in that quantity. What a great find!

  2. I never thought of freezing bananas like this. Do they readily separate from each other after being frozen in a bag, like if you only want one or two?

    I see you have a Bosch; I do, too!

    Is your banana bread recipe a secret or will you share it with me? Did I tell you I'm adopting a 13 year old?!!!!! I hope to travel in Sept. Can you believe the twists and turns our lives take as we put our families together?