Friday, March 23, 2012

Discovering Art

Today we took some time to have fun.  We went down to Thanksgiving Point and toured Holdman Studios.  It was so cool! We got to watch as they made a bowl and then toured the whole shop. The kids sat and watched intently. I was happy to see that all but one of the kids sat still without being asked and no one touched a thing. A  glass shop is not the safest place to take 11 kids from the ages of 3 to 18. There were platters all over the walls and even a Christmas tree made of glass.  We were then taken to the back room where they make stained glass.  We were blown away at what they have going. If any of you live in the area or come to Salt Lake to visit this is a must see. Sorry I don't have pictures but you can see some of their stuff if you search eBay.  I loved that they also sell seconds for just $60 compared to the $350 a plate.

Holdman Studios also does classes.  They have a Friday night class that goes 5 weeks and they teach you how to do stained glass and let you make a project.  It sounds like a great date night idea. We can also pay $25 and make a glass flower. The kids were so excited about it.  I think Ressa and I were the most enthusiastic about learning how to do these things but Doug suggested that we take the stained glass class together. I would love to do that and have a piece in our home.

Since we are on the topic of art. I was able to take some time to sew. Malia just had her birthday and and she wanted a dress. I decided it would be easier to make something than to search and find a good dress to play in.  I got the idea off of the internet and Malia really liked it so I made it. I was pretty proud of myself because I had to make the pattern and it fits. Doug said it looks like a Mumu. I didn't think of that until after he said it so now I'm not as excited about the dress. Oh well, it did give me the bug again so I bought some fabric so that when I have a few minutes I can make something.  I still have to make a car seat canopy for a friend.  When that is done I will start creating.  I think I deserve the break.

She's a beautiful girl but a bit nervous about getting her picture taken.
I wish I was better at photography. It's amazing what some people can do.

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  1. Love the dress! You are always so creative! I can't imagine how you find the time to sew!