Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is posted by Doug, Deanne's guest blogger who does not make nearly enough posts.....

The mortgage industry is riddled with compliance requirements since the financial mess started a few years ago.  This mindset is probably why I came up with the much needed compliance idea that follows.

Here's the background - yesterday we had some friends (who also had some adopted children) over to visit and while the children were all playing together, Deanne and Jen, the other mom, engaged in the same conversation all adoptive mom's around the world engage in when they are within the same zip code - adoption.  One thing lead to another and they ended up online looking at available, and very cute, Chinese children.  (See actual sample to the left of this post.)  I happened to walk by the computer at that moment and that's when my compliance idea struck.  Orphan websites need to have the following warning. " Warning - this website contains images that may cause financial hardship, emotional distress, and marital discord (if one spouse catches the adoption bug and the other one does not.)  This would protect the unsuspecting and innocent, tender hearted people who unwittingly (or at the hands of another perpetrator) are exposed to this overwhelming influence that can change their life forever. 

In all fairness, there should also be a warning to protect against the other effects of adoption websites.  "Warning - this website may cause your heart to melt, increase your capacities as a parent, and bring more love into your home than you thought possible."

Either way, if the government decides these warnings should added and you choose to ignore them and participate in the dangerous and addictive practice of viewing adoption websites anyway, you will have no one to blame (or thank) but yourself.

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  1. Too funny. Maybe you can put a block on it like other things. :-)