Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update on Our Son

I just realized that I don't think we announced the names of our new children.  After much searching and fretting over it we chose to go with HYRUM and BRIA.  We chose Hyrum because of the legacy of Hyrum Smith.   Bria was chosen because it means "noble and exalted".  We felt that these children needed names that reflect who they are and what they can become.

Now for the fun news.  We have had a couple of families visit Hyrum's orphanage in the last month and have gotten pictures.  The update today was very good.

He is healthy looking and relatively quiet.  he was walking around with his red truck when we saw him.  The staff were very excited to let us take pictures of him but reluctant to let us take pictures  of the other children (but we did anyway!)  he obviously got your care pictures and they said he loves the toys.  He was picking up the shoes off the floor when the other children were napping a gentley putting their shoes inside the crib between the wooden slats on the rails  (so cute).  He was eating the crackers that we purchased in the chinese grocery and was enjoying them.  The only time he fussed was when my husband tried to pick him up but he was interactive with the staff and responded to their questions when they asked him to repeat some phrases.  I think you found yourselves a cutey and he appears very healthy.

Here is another excerpt from a different family from a week and a half ago.

  He was carrying around the little truck you sent and the nannies brought out the album and showed it to him pointing out you and your husband and saying "mama" and "baba."  I heard him repeat "mama."  I didn't hear him say much more but that was pretty sweet!  Also, there's a blind toddler in a crib near the door and he had a little toy.  He dropped it out of the crib and Hyrum picked it up and handed it back to him, twice!  Heart wrenching, really.  

These updates are a two edged sword.  In one respect the are comforting and help tied us over for a little while but on the other hand it just brings tears to know that our son and daughter are in a orphanage without us to love and hold.

 The most recent family has a daughter from the same orphanage.  The family went back to visit  and brought blankets the daughter made for the children.  The green blanket is from her.

 This picture was taken a week or so ago.  The book that Hyrum is looking at is a picture album that we put together that was sent in a care package for him.  The orphanage director was showing him Mine and Doug's picture. This is when he said "mama".

 This is the little truck that I put in the package.  Both families that have been to the orphanage since the package got there talked about him carrying it around with him.  It was really hard knowing what to send the children.

This is a good picture of where the children spend their days and nights.

We don't have any connections to Bria's orphanage so there are no updates.  We just pray and have faith that the angels are watching over her.

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