Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Time Is All I Need

I had someone ask me the other day if I was doing better with all the changes.  I just need to let everyone know that yes I am!

I had so many things come at me at once that I felt like I was drowning.  Outside of starting a new therapy for three children, getting a new older child, doing an adoption, making a big change in Doug's employment, having a child graduating from high school, the end of the school year with all the programs and field trips parents have to be at, getting some immunizations before going to China, and dental and doctor visits before our insurance ran out, there were other things that would have put me in a tail spin no matter how smooth life was running.  I have been through enough to know that all things do pass.  Even though I would tell myself that I still couldn't  grasp it emotionally.  The good news is, I have adjusted to the new normal.:)  All is well and under control.  We still have a lot of changes that are being made in the family that will make things better. But I am looking forward to most of them.  I have felt strongly that the Lord is guiding us and won't let us fail as long as we are trying.  He is in control and most of the time I'm OK with that.  I do have some things I would like to speed up His process, like an adoption! 

It's amazing how the Lord gives us strength enough to bear our burdens and over time make them light.  Our burdens have not changed but our ability to carry them has increased. I am constantly getting the question "how do you do it?"  Most don't want an answer or they want to hear what the magic trick is.  There is no magic. It all comes line upon line, precept upon precept.  We are given as much as we can handle in challenge and knowledge.  When that is processed we then receive more. I love getting that question though.  It is always keeping me aware of the blessings of the Lord.  I could not or would I take on all of this without His help.  I myself am a weak sinful person.  I have had to rely on God to accomplish all that he has asked of me and am being reminded daily how much more I need to learn.  (Kids are good at that).  I owe all I am and have, including my husband and family, to my Heavenly Father.  I just hope to live up to all that He would ask of me.

 Funny, I'm even at the point that I can say "OK, Lord if you have more children that need us I'm here."  Like I said A little time is all I need.  ;)

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