Thursday, July 21, 2011

I800 Still up in the Air

We still have not heard anything after the initial contact with our officer at USCIS.  She was going to call us as soon as our package was in her hand or we were to call her if our original package came back.  The copy package was delivered last Monday, 11 days ago and she still has not called.  Our check for the second child has been processed and we left a message for the officer yesterday morning, still nothing.  We have no idea if we will be OK or not.  I would really like to know something about now.

We also were informed yesterday that another paper has to go with our LOA back to China and the agency does not have a signed copy for some reason.  We were just told about this last night and now have to sign one and send it to them.  But according to them we aren't to worry about overnighting it because our LOA won't go back to China for a week or so. . The last time they used the words "or so" it was 12 days later. They received our LOA's back on Saturday, what is going on? I just can't believe how all of our adoption stuff is going.  It has been one thing after another.  I just need to expect more delays where there should be none. The rest of this process should be fairly timely and smooth but I am not holding my breath.  I just might die.

It is not my imagination.  Our best laid plans are falling apart before our very eyes.  If it wasn't for the fact that I put all the official paperwork in Doug's name I would just go to China myself.  At least the kids would be taken care of at home and we would save a lot of money in travel. Doug could even work if I hadn't done this.  I suggested he go by himself and he said no way!  Now I have to rethink everything again.

A word of advice for anyone starting the adoption process, put all paperwork in the woman's name.  It is much safer that way.

I'm obviously not feeling very positive.  Sorry about that.

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