Monday, April 28, 2014

Happenings in the Walker Family

Another picture post. Fun, fun.

We have had several birthdays in the last couple months. When we hit the end of February we have a birthday almost every 10 days to 2 weeks. That doesn't end until mid June. This year we changed the celebration up a bit. Instead of the birthday person choosing what's for dinner we now take them out to eat wherever they want. We then come home to do presents and dessert. I love it this way. The kids get the one on one time and I don't have to spend my day cooking an elaborate meal.

We have also had other activities and celebrations. We went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point last week with Kurt and Kayla (my niece) while they were here. We have a few pictures of people but the kids had the camera and we came away with mostly pictures of flowers, the sky, fish, geese and who knows what else. Buying our pass to Thanksgiving Point was soooo worth it. We will be doing that again this year.

I forgot this picture in the Easter post.
Tyler and Jessica with baby Grant.

Scott sat in the wrong spot.
Every time someone came to the fountain they couldn't resist
putting their finger on it.
Of course, that would cause the water to spray everywhere,
including all over Scott.
After the second time he complained about it
I figured natural consequences would teach
him better than I could.
I think he secretly liked getting wet but had to make a show of it.
This is Scott, Lily, Ilee and Bria.

Some of the gang at the fountain.

Clayson secretly wants to be a baby. :)
He begged me not to post this but
Mom's get to do whatever they want,
including embarrassing their children from time to time.
I think we need to fill this stroller again.
It was sad to take it out of the back of the bus and realize
the last time we used it was for Gideon at Christmas time
when we went to see the lights on Temple Square.
We were happy it was there though.
It made things easier for Lily and Ilee.
Their little legs just don't keep up so well.
I don't know how this one got downloaded
but this is part of what we saw.
Tyler graduated from BYU in Recreation Therapy. If you want a fun major, do this one. Some of his classes were mountain biking, skiing and other kinds of fun. He did have to take harder classes but he sure loved it. His plan is to get a Masters in Social Work and become an LCSW. He wants to do family therapy but not in the normal sense. He is about healing not counseling. I love that he will be getting his LCSW. One day, in God's timing, we will need his license to help others in the adoption process and get more children in families.

Tyler in the procession.
I love this picture.
This is Tyler!
He loves people and they know it.

Tyler also is very open.
It was not surprising to see a professor give him a hug.
Can I just say, I LOVE this guy!
I am so lucky to be his mother.

Jessica and Grant with Jessica's dad.
Alex came all the way from Kentucky
to see Tyler graduate.
Tyler chose his wife well, or should I say
Jessica chose her husband well. :)
(Jessica, we all know how that courtship went)
Then along came some of the best people I have known,
Jessica's parents.

The graduate and his little family.



  1. We are so proud of Tyler and his great achievement. Thanks for those wonderful pictures! We want you to know that we love the Walker family so much - every single one of you!!!

  2. I really enjoy the family updates like this one. I keep on telling you both you are amazing and you are. I am so happy for Tyler and his little family. It is such an accomplishment. He will do well it in that field. I loved all your pictures and thoughts. Thanks for sharing with us all your thoughts and experiences; you are such a power for good. I am going to continue to go back and read your other posts.
    Blessings, hugs, and love to you for all you do!