Monday, April 28, 2014


Well, one more Easter has come and gone. Another year with a first Easter. This time it was Scott's turn. I would love to say that he loved it, but I really don't know. I was sick in bed ALL DAY LONG! I got up for about 30 minutes and before all the kids found their Easter baskets I headed back to bed. The nasty stomach flu hit me hard. One positive thing about it, I didn't have to host. :) I love holidays but they are so much work. I got to throw up right through it. Hehe. No, being sick wasn't worth it. Because of my banishment to my room there isn't much to narrate here. What you see is what I got to experience so we will do Easter together through pictures.

On Friday we decorated eggs. We did 10 dozen.
Then added some plastic eggs filled with candy.
Friday afternoon we made Rice Krispy treats in the shape of a nest then put M&M's in them.

Bria found her Easter basket.
I have been hearing all year that Easter is her favorite holiday.
Even while I was putting out Christmas gifts,
Bria would tell me how she couldn't wait for Easter.
A couple months before Easter came Bria
reserved me to help her in the egg hunt.
Sadly, Dad got that job this year.
The good thing about that,
there are a lot of pictures of Bria this Easter.

Emma, I'm sure dug into her candy immediately.
We had to take it away so she didn't eat it all in one day.
Funny though, she doesn't usually like candy too much.

Hyrum loves everything! I could hear his squeals in my bedroom.
On Friday morning Hyrum brought me a picture and said he wanted what Gideon had.
I had to look close at the 1/2" picture and realized
Hyrum wanted the same Easter basket that Gideon had last year.
I prayed that I had not thrown it away.
I don't like those particular baskets because they are flimsy.
Every year I threaten to throw them away.
Thankfully, I hoarded them for one more year.
As soon as the Easter box was out Hyrum searched through it to find
Gideon's and now Hyrum's basket.
He misses Gideon!!

Marshall found his basket after about 45 minutes. He told me he
got to the point he didn't care if he ever got his candy.
Some of the kids asked for the basket to be hidden hard.
We did a great job.

OK, what is with the photo bombers in this family?
Tyler is loving photography and doing a great job.
Pierce has now developed an interest in photography too.
Love ya Britt.... Photobomber:)

Preston searching for Easter eggs.
Our oldest grandson. What a cutie.

Not much to see here but this picture reminded me
how big our yard is.
Doug keeps begging me to allow him to get another
riding lawn mower.
Maybe when we are all done adopting we will splurge.
For now, the kids are learning how to work.

Two of my brothers and their families came for Easter
as well as a niece and her family.
This is my brother David his wife Janet and 5 of their 7 kids.
We sure love them.
The Easter egg feast. :)

Scott's first egg hunt. He looks happy.
Pierce on the swing set.
Our yard is like a park.
If you ever need a place to gather or want to come play
come on over!
We have a drinking fountain and fire pit too. :)



  1. Jacob is the photobomber, I was the photographer :)

  2. I see that now. Too funny, from that angle it does look like you. Still love you!!!!!