Friday, April 4, 2014

"Do You Love My Hair?"

Hyrum has an obsession with hair. Not just his hair but all hair.
He loves it so much that he puts things on his head and pretends it's hair.
This is a fabric book cover that he decided was hair within the
first week of being home from China.
He wore it everywhere. When I say everywhere
I mean even to the store or on family outings.
I was so embarrassed that I didn't get too many pictures.
Now that I am more mature, :), I wish I had.

Hyrum decided that his security blanket is my favorite sweater.
He wears it like this all the time.
He even sleeps with my sweater.
Sadly, I never get to wear it. I gave up and bought
a new sweater this year. It's not as fuzzy.
Hyrum is a ham!! This kid loves to have pictures taken.
I wish I had recorded his photo shoot.
I just wanted to take pictures of all his hair pieces.
The next thing I knew I was shooting in rapid fire.
Maybe I need to take photography lessons.
All I know how to do is put the camera on automatic and shoot.

Olivia has a sarong that she used to use as a blanket.
Hyrum stole it one day for his head.
Olivia decided that she would make it a pony tail for him.
That hair piece lasted months.
When I told Hyrum to go get his hair this piece was a must.

My sister Denise and niece (surrogate daughter) Kayla were here for a few days.
They are making crochet hats that look like Minions.
Hyrum couldn't keep them off his head so
I decided to try my hand at it.

The main body of the hat wasn't too bad.
I have crocheted before but only the edges of blankets.
How hard could it be?

It took me 7 tries to get the first ear flap done.
When both sides were done and I had already done the edging
I noticed that one flap was longer than the other.
I am a perfectionist in too many ways still and creating things is one.
By this time though, I was not going to start over.
I tied the braids on in such a way to try and make up that difference.
If you crochet, don't ask to see this. I won't show you. :)

Bria wanted to get in on the photo shoot.
The first picture Hyrum photo bombed.

I had to make Hyrum sit down so I could get a picture of Bria alone.

Bria is not as photogenic as Hyrum.  It was so funny to see her attempt at posing.
She will never be a model. I gave her some ideas of what to do
She liked this one best. What a sweetheart.
After two and a half years I am finally getting real hugs from her.
Her poor little heart was so bound up.

Emma needed her picture taken too.
She gets the cheesiest grin when she poses.
I told her to open her mouth and I got a smile with her
mouth open so wide you could see her tonsils and what she ate for lunch.
I didn't think anyone wanted to see her lunch so you don't get that picture.

 Scott was watching us while clipping his fingernails.
I was completely unaware that he was dropping them on the carpet.
 I should have clued in when he walked in the room with the nail clippers in hand.
But why would I think he wouldn't leave the clippings on the floor?
Silly me, why would I expect otherwise?
He's a cute kid!!! So sweet and loving. 
We have been so blessed.


  1. They are the cutest! My mom just taught me how to post a Comment. I had no idea that you could do this like facebook! I cannot wait to see you guys again and your beautiful smiles! I love you all!!!

  2. that is so fun! i love you so much Aunt Deanne, Uncle Doug and all you kids!!!!
    - Love
    Sophia!! :)