Thursday, December 6, 2012

Homestudy Woes

We are still waiting on getting our homestudy approved by two different agencies. The homestudy finally made it to the placing agency this week and is now back in the hands of our social worker for some revisions. She has had to put another 4 hours of work into it. It seems the placing agency is being "nit picky". Our social worker isn't too happy about that.

I find it amazing that all the agencies have different requirements for the same country. Our homestudy made it through one China adoption. Why all the changes this time? Every agency says that what they need is required by China but I know for sure that is not the case. Maybe at some point the agencies will realize that we parents talk online and know what is going on in the adoption world. They really make themselves look silly at times.

Hopefully I can write that our USCIS application is submitted soon. It should have been done last week. Oh well, it's all in the Lord's hands.

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