Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crazy Days

I woke up yesterday morning a little concerned about how I was going to juggle appointments for the afternoon. I figured things out knowing that I was on a very tight schedule. At 2:20 the fun began. I put my coat on grabbed my purse and reached for my phone. No phone. I asked  Bria and Hyrum where it was and Hyrum said my phone was in the bathroom. Not a good sign! I went to the bathroom to find a large puddle on the floor with soggy toilet paper everywhere. The toilet was full of toilet paper and I couldn't see anything good in there. I was not about to reach my hand in and find out if the phone was in there either or not. Hyrum still was insistent that my phone was in the bathroom. I ran through the house looking in all the obvious places and couldn't find my phone. My assumption at that moment was that we may have a clogged toilet coming up.

I was now running late and my best laid plans were even tighter than before. I drove to the high school to pick Creed up. He wasn't walking like normal so I drove all the way into the school. Still no Creed. I started to get a little uptight knowing he had a dentist appointment at 3:00 and we still had to check Emma out of school and get to the dentist. By 2:45 I left the school and went back the way I came hoping that I had missed seeing Creed somewhere. He was no where to be seen. It finally occurred to me that someone may have picked him up and given him a ride home. No matter what was going on I now didn't have time to go get him IF he was even at home. I drove a little faster than I should have and made it to Emma's school as she was getting ready to go to the bus. I ran down the halls of the school, that felt good to rebel, and got in the car right at 3:00. Really a miracle to go through all the steps that fast. I think next time I go to the school they will keep a better eye on me.

We got to the dentist 10 minutes late and I still didn't know where Creed was. With great embarrassment I asked if I could use their phone to call home. Pierce answered and said that Creed did make it home but he had left to go find me and had my phone. I said "On foot?" It was about 20 degrees outside. My next thought was, cool my phone isn't in the toilet. I tried to call Creed to find out where he was so I could go get him for the next appointment. I dialed 3 times and got the message the phone was out of order. My first thought was. Maybe it really was in the toilet and it doesn't work anymore. Now I was even more embarrassed and asked if I could call Doug. Hopefully I had forgotten my phone number. The secretary sat me down in the chair behind the desk and let me use the phone as much as I wanted. I called Doug and found out that, Yep, I had forgotten my phone number. I finally got ahold of Creed and told him to turn back to home and I would pick him up. I got back to the dentist within about 10 minutes but now I was late picking up the other kids at school and Emma was sitting in the dentist chair with no family even there for her.  Poor girl. I dropped Creed off with instructions to stay right with Emma and drove over to the school. I got there a few minutes late and Casey jumped in to ask if a friend could come over. What next?!? I tried to say no but he wore me down and I let him and his friend know that we would be at the dentist for about 45 minutes before we got home. The friend still wanted to come over. I parked at the dentist office and gave the kids the option to sit in the freezing van to do homework or go in with me. Only 1 child came in so I didn't worry too much about all the rest of the kids freezing. They would keep each other warm. Besides, they knew how to walk into the office.

I got in the dentist office and the secretary said "I don't know how you do it". I hear that ALL the time and this time I really felt like "Me neither".  We spent the next 45 minutes waiting and talking. Our dentist is a friend so there is always something to talk about. I got back outside and the kids didn't even fight. Miracle!!! We went home and the dominoes continued to keep falling. It is amazing how my time was so precariously booked. No wonder I started to feel some stress that morning for the first time in a few weeks. There was not enough time in a day. I made it through and my 5 loads of laundry got folded and my bathroom even got cleaned. Success!

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