Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our new normal

Everyday there are reminders that we are not in familiar territory.  We can still say, "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." ... but it's not too far away!

One of the first weekends we were here we went to visit Jamesport, MO, an Amish community about an hour north of us.  We had an impromptu tourist orientation by a very nice Mennonite woman who came out to chat with us as we were getting out of our van.  She was remodeling the restaurant she and her husband owned, but she took the time to explain the "hot spots" to visit in town - shops and stores, etc. She seemed open and comfortable enough that we asked her about the differences between the Amish and Mennonite cultures and beliefs.  She was very happy to enlighten us.  We thanked her for her kindness and told her we would be back to eat at her restaurant after it reopens.

 As we were walking into one of the Amish stores, we saw this buggy and small family.  I don't know what was a more interesting site - them for us or us for them!  
Their kids stared and stared at our entourage.

 Apparently the Amish have sports car models of their buggies...

We had a couple of mishaps with our underground utilities in the last few weeks.  
#1: AT&T had to run a new phone line for us and they cut through the power line to the control box for our septic system. (Right) It took us a week to discover that - fortunately Olivia was standing by the toilet in the basement Sunday morning when it started to back up.  A couple of siphon hoses got us flowing again before we left for church.  We called an electrician Monday to figure out the loss of power and as he was testing everywhere to find the short, Deanne saw the covered trench for the phone line and figured it went right across where the power line should be.  Sure enough. We are still waiting for them to send us the $300 it cost to repair.

#2: The the county electric company trenched for a new power line to our shop and cut through the feed lines to our drip field. (Above) Deanne ran to get the PVC and glue and I came home from work a bit early to keep the septic flowing once again.  Unfortunately it was the first day it rained really hard.  Pierce held an umbrella over me while I battled the mud in the trench to replace the 5 feet of pipe in each line. The good news is now we know where all of our underground lines are!!

Mist formed in our backyard after an afternoon rain storm.  That was pretty neat to see.

We have some pretty sunrises and sunsets, but this sunrise last week had unusually bright colors.  This picture is not photo shopped or enhanced in anyway - straight from my phone.

We hear coyotes almost every night, see stars like you can only see away from city lights, hawks fly low hunting for field mice in our backyard, the sound of target practice with high caliber guns is all around us every Saturday and depending on which way the wind is blowing, we get to enjoy the smell of manure from neighboring herds of cattle.  I drive 50 miles round trip to work and we are 45 minutes from the nearest Costco.  
These are all reminders that we live in the country, but we love it!!


  1. Only 45 minutes from Costco! Wow, that's closer than us in rural Iowa, we live 90 minutes from Sam's. I don't even know where a Costco is. Aren't the stars wonderful though, totally worth it. As we drive around smelling cows, horses, and pigs, we breathe deep and exclaim, "Smell that country air!" Our children think I'm nuts. I guess I am, nuts for the country, no traffic, open spaces, bright stars. Life is good.

  2. I loved the photos of your visit to the Amish community. I am always fascinated by their culture. Sorry you had to go through the sewer moments. We can relate to that we had something similar happen in Spokane. Roger can really relate.
    Wow, 45 minutes to the nearest Costso I think would be considered a hardship in family.
    Really loved your photo! I could love to live in open spaces. Hugs for the family!

  3. You have wonderfull blog. Thank you and have a nice days to you!