Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Forgot a Big Thing

I knew I would do this. Trying to write while helping the children with school and then trying to finish up at midnight doesn't support strong memory.

Creed left to serve a mission in Louisville Kentucky on August 5. How could I really forget that one. We have missed him so much. He struggled for a while. The Lord was mindful of his needs and put him in an area that a good friend of ours used to live. She had prepared her friends that there was a possibility that Creed could be a missionary in that area. When I found out that Creed was struggling I called my friend and she called out the Calvary. That ward took over and loved Creed into feeling safe and strong. What a blessing. Creed is doing well.

Having Creed leave and the other kids move caused some fear in Simon that when we move we will never see them again. Simon's behaviors got really bad. None of us liked having him around. He would constantly say things like "No one wants to love me" "I'm so dumb" and lots of other very negative things. I was holding, hugging and kissing him often but it didn't seem to help much. One day I realized that he could be reacting to the fear of our move and the other kids leaving. Tyler, Jessica, Grant and Lyla were at our home quite a bit and then then all of a sudden we didn't see them. Now Simon had a experienced a pattern. When someone moves away they are no longer your family. I tried to help him understand that no matter where we lived we were still a family and that he was coming with us. I would pack his stuff with him and make it a point to put his boxes where he could see his name in the stack of things to go on the truck. It seemed to help a little but the real change came after we moved and Tyler, Jessica and the kids surprised us with a visit. Miracles happened for Simon. Now he could see we were still a family and he believes that he will see Creed again. Simon loves his family even though he has a hard time accepting that he is a permanent part of it. We still get his negative words often but it's not an all day problem right now. I really hope Simon can begin to trust that we are here for him and that we love him forever. He struggles deeply with believing he is loved and lovable. With the power of the atonement he can be healed. We will continue to pray for this blessing for Simon and when Creed gets home on August of 2017 Simon will see that not everyone leaves and doesn't come back.

Creed is going to miss his athletics. He loves all things active.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that Creed is doing well. I know he will be an outstanding missionary. As we are working with the Elders now we can see the changes that come as they adjust to mission life. We love these Elders and Sisters so much and they are awesome.
    Oh that sweet little Simon; he will adjust too. Hugs for you all!