Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter egg hunt

Casey and friend, McKaden, getting the new rolls of fencing in on the Easter fun.  
Some eggs had to be obvious for the younger children. 

It appears that Clayson saw the egg first...

but Marshall was quick to catch on.   

Hunting around the septic system and buried propane tank.  I couldn't get the kids to hide any eggs under the septic tank inspection lids, but they did go for under the propane tank cover.

Emma being Emma....

Hannah being Hannah...

Big smile from Malia.

Mom and Simon on the hunt...

Niya pointing the way for a younger child who needs a few more eggs.

Olivia just won't look at the camera.

Bria looks worried.  She must not have her 15 eggs yet. 

Scott - always happy about everything.

We had a rainy Saturday, but there was a small window of sunshine for our Easter egg hunt.  
120 eggs
60 hardboiled and 60 plastic
6 older kids hiding
8 younger kids finding  
Everyone had fun

1 comment:

  1. Oh, it look like there was fun for all. I can't comprehend 120 eggs; wow! The pictures were so fun and we miss you all. I can understand not hiding the eggs under the septic lid.
    Hugs for all!