Wednesday, October 17, 2012

16 Year Old Boys!

What do 16 year old boys do? Tease their siblings, beg to drive, forget to do their chores and so forth. The best thing 16 year old boys do is gross us out and make us laugh.

Hannah (12) was eating some Skittles and Creed decided he wanted some. She only had 3 and put them all in her mouth.  I heard "Wow Hannah this is a really good Skittle". I assumed he took it out of her hands and I told him not to steal. He said "I didn't steal it out of her hands".  No, it was not out of her hand it was worse. He stole it right out of her mouth.

I really did teach him about germs.

Creed is on the right. Every bit as mischievous as he looks.
Handsome boys.


  1. I agree!! Dad said "It would have been grosser if it would have been caramel".