Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Bikes

OK, so I am talking about Hyrum and Bria again. I think it is the same phenomenon as when you have a two year old that shows up in all you pictures because they are so cute and after months and months you realize you have no pictures of your other kids. That is just where I am right now.

Bria's birthday was September 10th. We bought her a tricycle because all she wanted was a bike and a Barbie. The bike we got her was pretty flimsy so a week or so later we took it back and got a new one. At the same time we bought Hyrum a bike for his birthday and were going to save it until November for his birthday. We hid Hyrum's bike in our closet behind some clothes so he wouldn't see. I put Bria's bike together and let Bria have it. She was so excited and loved her bike. She rode her bike for quite a while then got off to do something else. Hyrum was dancing around in excitement because of the new bike. He ran to Bria and asked if he could ride it. Sadly Bria said no. Hyrum was so sad.

Pony tails don't stay in Bria's hair too well. Time to try another hair style.

Hyrum wanted a bike so bad that he walked around the house for the next 30 minutes saying things like "my bike birthday" "I want bike" "Bria no let me ride bike". It was killing me. He was so sad and at the same time there was not expectation that he should have one too. I couldn't take it so I went to the closet pulled out the box and started putting it together. When Hyrum noticed he got so excited knowing this bike was for him.

He jumped right on and rode all around. The smile was always there. Both Bria and Hyrum rode and rode. Oh, they love their bikes. Every family memeber was expected to watch as they rode around. Sereen and Jared come home and they have to stand at the door watching Hyrum ride his bike. Mom must be present or it doesn't count. Of course, Bria has to be there with him. Ressa comes home and the same things happen. It's sort of like Groundhog Day with the bikes. Tyler, Jessica, Britton, cousin Ashton and other favored visitors. If you saw Hyrum and Bria ride their bikes you can be counted as a favorite.

The children insisted we take pictures with the bikes.

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