Saturday, March 21, 2015

Safari Park

I started this post  while in China but the computer was giving me issues and we were too busy to keep trying to fix it. We had a hard time with Skype as well. We think the problems came from the controls Doug's work placed on the computer. We chose to bring his work computer so he could access things and do some work from China. If we were to do it again we would bring our home computer and eliminate all the problems.

We took a day to go to the Safari Park. It's actually a zoo but the coolest zoo I have been to. I don't particularly like zoos for a few reasons but the Safari Park is a different story. 

Like any amusement park the Safari Park has mascots walking around. 
This guy was being pretty cautious with Simon but he was afraid. 
Against my shoulder was an anxious smile.

Doug and I did a little dance and finally got Simon and the picture in a good position for a picture.

The mascot wanted to get a picture with Hannah. He was doing poses so I made Hannah copy him.
She was pretty embarrassed but she's beginning to step out of her comfort zone. Wait until you see pictures from the next day.

Just a cute picture of how much Simon loves Hannah.

The animals are up close and personal. Hannah and Simon both got to feed the giraffes.
It was over before we knew it and I asked Doug to buy them more branches for the giraffes.
He did so then I found out how much they were. It was an expensive few seconds of pleasure.
But it was fun.

Hannah snapped this picture. I didn't even see this rock. They had rocks
all over painted differently. We have some pretty random pictures.

This picture is for Hyrum. He LOVES zebras. And he LOVES babies.
Did I ever tell you Hyrum puts his hand on my belly and tells me he wishes I could have a baby?
The next thing I say is that I can't have anymore babies and he precedes to ask me if we can get one.
We go through this multiple times a week.

Simon's first imitation ice cream cone. It was actually more like frozen whipped cream

Like every other child in the world he couldn't eat it fast enough to keep it from melting all over.
Of course, Baba, or Daddy as he is called in English, had to lick it clean.Simon didn't like that so next time his ice cream needed a cleaning he wiped it with his fingers and licked them the same as he is doing here. He learns quick.

We went into the aviary where many types of birds were flying free. I was a little anxious about raining bird droppings and was very careful where I stood. Doug had an unexpected visitor perch on his shoulder. Hannah ran and screamed because it scared her. She wouldn't even come near in fear the bird would fly onto her shoulder uninvited.

We watched for a few minutes and as I was ready to turn and walk away the bird flew on my shoulder. I was glad at this point that Simon was in Hannah's arms or her would have been traumatized. The bird finally made it's move for Hannah and she dashed out.

I think this could be Hannah's favorite spot. The baby orangutan. He was adorable.
We watched him do a couple of tricks and just be cute. We started walking away when I noticed a black line on Doug's back. Heeheehee, he got the raining bird droppings, not me. :)

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  1. Oh, all of the pictures are so adorable. I especially loved the cute one of Simon with the Ice Cream cone; just so cute. I liked the one of the bird on you; so awesome. Safari park looked so fun.