Friday, March 13, 2015


Today we picked up the official Chinese adoption paperwork and Simon's passport then headed to the airport. We were able to make a significant stop before leaving Chengdu.
We stopped at the spot where Simon was abandoned and found. It is assumed that the business at this location is the same as it was at the time Simon was left there -a karaoke night club.
I was surprised at how busy the area was. There were many people coming and going and lots of traffic. Not a quiet place.

We saw many of these KTV karaoke establishments around Chengdu. We noticed while in the park
that karaoke is a very popular thing.
This was a two-story building and Simon was left on the second story - probably in the night club portion with the noise and commotion of a party atmosphere.  We were there in the morning and the building was locked so we couldn't see the layout of the interior of the building.
I asked a lot of questions of our guide. It seems that these places are pretty
busy with a lot of people at times. I guess it would make sense that if someone wanted
to abandon a baby and make sure it was found they would leave the child
in a place where many people would be around, but could slip away unnoticed after leaving a baby behind.

This was just an interesting picture Doug took. It's very common
to see things like this. It's amazing what a person can haul on a bike or scooter. 
This was in front of Simon's finding spot.
We have been feeding Simon all kinds of junk.
Yeah, not the best thing but he'll put on weight and like us at the same time.
The orphanage staff said they gave the kids candy to get them to stop crying.
I am not surprised. Simon dropped most of these fruit snacks, picked
them up and started to hand them out to us.
Once you see China it's clear why they take their shoes off in their homes.
There is no way I will use the 10 second rule in China.
Once food hits the ground it's garbage!

Both Doug and I had to use the restroom at the airport.
Doug came out and had to show us the sign in front of the urinal.
They need a sign in the women's restroom saying to aim better.
I have never seen a more disgusting bathroom in my life.
When I opened the stalls it was like looking down an outhouse hole
but this time it wasn't in the hole  - it was everywhere!

Simon's first airplane ride. I'm sure he had no idea what was going
on and how his life has changed. I have no doubt that his smile will
only get bigger. He is such a naturally happy boy.

We walked into the Garden Hotel and we were all smiles.
The feeling is much more positive than where we were in the run down area of Chengdu with a not so nice hotel.
I turned to Doug and said,
"We're home."
This seems like a second home to us as this is our fouth stay here during the last the last 3 1/2 year since picking up Hyrum and Bria in 2011.

This picture is for Ressa and Jason.
It tasted exactly like the ones you made but they used a lot more grease.
I was glad we had them. Two of our dishes were too hot (spicy) for me and Simon to eat. 


  1. Yay, I'm glad the pancakes tasted the same! I thought they kind of did, but wasn't sure since it's been awhile. Aren't Chinese public bathrooms exciting?! Haha, I'm glad you finally got to experience one :) Simon is such a cutie!

  2. Since I don't think I will ever get to China; I am enjoying your pictures. It's funny how you picture different places to be and I am happy I won't ever have to use the bathrooms there.
    Keep on enjoying the moments of this trip~ Hugs!