Thursday, March 12, 2015

4th day in Chengdu

We are posting this Friday morning and these are some photos of our last full day in Chengdu.  We fly down to Guangzhou later today.  We went to the civil affairs office to pick up the adoption certificate, then over to notary office to have them notarize it, visited People's Park, the Wide and Narrow Alley's, and the Maan Coffee shop.  We also rode the subway for the first time in Chengdu. 
Our guide dropped us off at Maan's Coffee shop and gave us a note with the Tibet Hotel address on it so we could take a taxi back, but Hannah hadn't been on a subway before so we decided to take that back instead.  Our guide thought the subway would be too complicated for us to figure out.  There are only two lines here and we asked the information desk which stop was for the Tibet Hotel.  She told us, took our money, gave us the tickets and we were on our way.  Not too complicated. 
It was very crowded on the train and one gentleman stood up and I thought he was giving his seat to Deanne, but she had to remind me that he was giving his seat to me since I was holding a child.  I forgot a man holding a child takes priority over women in subway seating.  The next stop was a transfer station so the train cleared out pretty well and Deanne and Hannah were able to sit down also.  That made it easier for people to stare at us since were we all in one spot.  Do you remember the scene in the new Night at the Museum movie when they were sitting in the bus and the two kids were staring at them and Jedediah said, "Take a picture, it lasts longer."?  It was kinda like that.
Trouble with the letter "e".  If it was all substituted with an "a" I would understand, but why did they get it right one out of two times in "vehicles" then throw in the "c" in prohibited?  And why didn't the bicycles get the mention across the bottom?  Maybe they can be considered a vahicle....

Just a cute picture during a skype session this morning with most of the other kids.

These are made our of some kind of liquid sugar.  Think blown glass.  Amazing.

These shapes are also made from a liquid sugar that hardens.

Simon contorts dad's face.  Walker kids will be laughing at the meaning we have for that word. 
 No, that didn't happen... at least not yet....
"Oh man," we found our favorite Chinese food!
Well.... we are in China aren't we?
And this is food isn't it?
It is was made in China wasn't it??
Then this is Chinese food and it is the best we've had yet!!

Simon ate a surprisingly large amount of this mountain of deliciousness.
Hannah was up for it.

The place is Maan Coffee, adjacent to the Somerset Riverview Apartments. 

What an experience!  Who'd a thunk a Chinese coffee house can do what they do with waffles??

Then Simon got a little mischievous and put his whipped cream covered fork in Hannah's hair.

Good to the last bite!

For reference purposes for other families visiting Chengdu, here is what the outside looks like . 
It is attached to the river side of the Somerset Riverview Apartments and a short walking distance from the JinJiang Hotel metro stop.

The view down the river.  This is a pretty part of the city.  A bit nicer than the part we are in staying in where the Tibet Hotel is.

Simon mastered this app very quickly on the iPad.  He is showing signs of being very sharp.

Watch out Hyrum!  You have some competition in the personality department!


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    1. Thanks! It's nice to know people are reading.:)

  2. We're reading too-- and loving it!

  3. LOVE your blog .....and one of my favorite Mia Maids! So happy for your family and for the incredible experience Hannah is having. Be safe!

  4. Oh my gosh; what a cute one he is. His smile is a million dollar one. I again enjoyed all the photos and the food looked yummy. Your post has a personality plus; I loved it. Hugs!