Sunday, March 15, 2015

Medical Check

Crazy day at the medical clinic!  Two vans full of adoptive families and their new children converged on the medical clinic at 9:30 AM yesterday morning.  We have never seen it this busy before.  It was helpful to have 3 of us so we could all stand in different lines at the same time.  Our guide, Richard, not his real name :), was a master at getting the four families in our group through each station as quickly as possible. We have met some great people here. Bill and Teresa, the tall guy on the left in the white baseball cap are so great! What a blessing to share our experiences of adoption with each other.


Simon was less concerned about the ENT doctor checking  him out than he was about getting his hands on the squeaky toys the doctor used to distract him.

Simon had a bit of an emotional break through at the clinic.  You can see by these pictures that he is being a bit playful with Deanne.  This was the first time he was that comfortable with her.  She had let her hold him and love him, but he didn't really open up or give much back to her.  He saved that for Hannah and me, but after his blood was drawn for the TB test things started changing.  The nurses bring the children into a room by themselves to draw the blood.  That is not a good thing for most of the children since they have begun their bonding with their new parents and being taken away for that painful experience causes some trauma - for the children and the parents.  Simon came out of that room doing pretty well, but looking for comfort.  I held him first, but as soon as Deanne came close to him he reached for her and she gave him the love that only a mother can, giving him soothing words and stroking his face.  He held on to her and seemed to accept all that she was giving him. We think he opened his heart to her a little more and we have seen more signs of emotional bonding ever since that moment in the clinic.   

He giggled through most of his exam.

After it was all over, he needed a little wine to calm his nerves....

The story of this picture starts with the bow tie last night.  Come to think of it, actually a couple months ago.  We had a very nice couple move into our neighborhood last year and they have become our friends, Tom and Linda Cooper. Tom always wears bow ties to church.  He came over one Sunday night a few months ago and gave each of our boys a bow tie and taught them how to tie it. They have worn the bow ties to church ever since. Deanne bought one for Simon and last night when she showed it to him he laughed and put it on his head because he thought it was a girl's hair bow.  Well, when she put it on his neck this morning, he was not happy.  He would not let us take a picture of him with that tie on.  In fact, he got his big coat on to cover it up so we couldn't see it and he sulked around the hotel room while we were getting ready to go to breakfast.  Finally, at breakfast, I guess the food put him in a better mood and he was happy enough to look at the camera for a picture of his new church clothes, bow tie and all.  Sitting on mom's lap was another good sign and a bonding moment.  I left the table and Simon came to sit on Deann's lap for security while I was gone.

Low clouds gave a pretty cool effect with all the tall buildings disappearing toward the top.

You would never guess this is Sunday by looking at the subway.

I think we have a picture of every one of our Chinese children standing at this rail feeding the Koi fish at the garden hotel pond.

Simon with new friends.

In typical Chinese fashion, Simon makes poses when we take pictures.

This is the Canton tower during a foggy rain. For a photo of what it really looks like, you can refer to the post from the last trip with Creed and Pierce when we picked up Scott.

Family photo with Hannah's new friend from Montana. We spent the day with our new friends Curtis and Tana Whicker and two of their daughters Sophie and Zinnia. We had a great time in the rain laughing and playing around. We are so glad to be here with the Whickers.

Simon with his two most favorite people!
(Haha, Doug said that. I'm not in the top two yet. :)
Written By: Doug


  1. Glad to see things are going well and that he is already opening up to Deanne. That always makes a mommy feel better.

  2. Thank you so much. Love you, mom and dad. Mom's beginning to feel a little bit better a month of this flu stinks

  3. Well another delightful post and I am enjoying the pictures and narratives. I am happy that Simon is starting to bond with his amazing mother. The bow tie pictures are priceless; he is so cute. I really enjoy the photos of his poses; he is going to be a fun one. I love the last picture of sweet Hannah, handsome Simon and beautiful Deanne. Great post, Doug. Love and hugs for all!

  4. This blog rocks! It was so great to meet you and your wonderful family. I hope we can remain friends and keep in touch. You all are an inspiration to Theresa and I. Keep the faith!

    Bill Danner