Monday, June 9, 2014

Small and Simple Things

Scott and I have been working diligently on learning letter sounds. We have been working towards reading but it's been slow going. It's hard to find the balance, knowing what the child can do and what is too much. At an appointment for Scott's speech the doctor told me he will not learn to read but only memorize. I was pretty discouraged because reading opens up the world. Scott deserves the world.

I came home and continued our regimen of learning sounds and putting them together to make words. There were days I wanted to give up and give in but I knew I just couldn't do that. Last week I saw glimpses of progress. I didn't know if I could hope but I began to push a little more. Within just a couple of days we received the reward.

As of this morning Scott has read 3 books. That's THREE BOOKS!!!! He can do it! Miracles happen if we just allow ourselves to believe. We can never give up.

From a child treated like he could not do anything to now beginning to read in a new language in less than a year. All things are possible.

" Through small and simple things, great things shall come to pass. "



  1. What a blessing! Great job to all of you for not giving up. All things are possible :)

  2. That is just so awesome. .Give that boy a hug from me and I am sending you one too. You are amazing!

  3. You go Scott! Show those doctors and therapists what you really can do.