Monday, June 23, 2014

Museum of Natural Curiosity

A new museum opened up at Thanksgiving Point. We love that place. They have a Dinosaur Museum, Farm Country, beautiful Gardens, and now the Museum of Natural Curiosity. I have never seen a museum as cool as this one. We spent hours there and still didn't have time for everything. Here are some pictures of the family having fun.

The Museum has a great zip line. Not tall or very long but sturdy and
ALL my kids were able to enjoy it. Scott really liked it.
Olivia liked the zip line too but she is in the stage
of between. Between liking children things and
teen things. Wanting to be in both worlds.
She is growing into such a beautiful young woman.
Casey is never too old to play! However, he
loves things bigger and better but still easy to please.
6 of kids on the teeter totters.

They had an area with all water discoveries.
The floor was a cement tile with gaps between each square.
Underneath the tile was a water recovery system.
Pretty ingenious.
Emma was hard at work.

Niya, Clayson and Marshall, as well as Malia, figured out
how to divert all the water from a long trough to the trough
on top and have it dump out in a bucket
that overflowed onto the floor.

Clayson thinks with his tongue too!
We spent the most time with the water.

And of course, I HAD to get someone wet.
Hannah was the unlucky one.
It's all in who is the closest to me
when I hatch the evil thought.

Preston (grandson), loved the water too.
I enlisted him in helping me get Hannah wet.
I may not be the best example
but I will teach them all how to have fun. :)

Scott got bored pretty fast.
I think it was all the chaos. The place was packed.
You would think he would feel this way at home
but somehow that chaos is OK.

Bria loved her lunch so much she had to share it. 
ANYTHING but peanut butter and jelly AGAIN!

Grant was starving.
Jessica found out he likes cantaloupe.
Not quite as much as we like him though.

After a relaxing lunch and a little less chaos
Scott relaxed again. He never causes trouble when
he's out of sorts but he can get melancholy and grumpy.
Olivia made it her purpose to help bring him out again.
The laughing game did it.

This started out as a large game of ninja.
Don't ask me how to play but the kids enjoy it.
The last three standing were Clayson, Hannah, and Malia.

This is how we see Tyler whenever we are out.
If you want to talk to Tyler just get in the picture.

Sierra is growing up so fast.
There have been times when I couldn't
remember how old she was then,
I remember. She was born
4 days after Gideon died.
Her birthday will be easy to remember.
This little girl is our piece of Heaven on Earth!

And our sweet Sierra's mommy, Sereen!
No wonder Sierra is a piece of Heaven on Earth,
her mommy brought her here. Only the best for the best.
Hyrum was looking at the blog as I was pasting pictures.
He said, "I don't see me."
How could I do a blog post without Hyrum?!?! Silly me.
He'll regret this picture someday. Or maybe not.
He loves pictures of himself. He is so stinking cute.



  1. I think Clayson and Jessica must be related! They both stick out their tongues to concentrate. A teacher told us that is an inherited trait (Jessica gets it from Alex)! Sierra is so adorable and Preston is growing up so fast! I'm glad you are all having some fun together!

  2. What a really fun post; I loved all the pictures and thoughts. My daughter and I took the kids to the Museum of curiosity and like you we loved it. My grandchildren spent the most time in the water one. I thought it was an amazing place. You do have such an adorable family and I love the little grandchildren.
    Blessings and hugs for you all!