Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Blessings

A few weeks ago I walked into the front yard and this is what I found.

We had just had a rain storm that filled our water feature. A prefect place for the ducks to cool off.

Every Spring we get at least one set of ducks that hangs around our yard.
We all love having them.
This year we have a family of Quail that has made their nest in our bushes.
I love to hear the sounds of nature and see the green plants.
Listening to the song of the birds first thing in the morning stirs feelings of
gratitude and peace.
I love to start my day that way.

4 weeks ago our van gave out on us again. That was the last time I was going to
put money into the van and worry about getting stranded.
Overall the van was sturdy and has, for the most part, been reliable.
With 153,000 miles though it was getting old and tired.
Once the van was up and running we sold it.
We are now on the hunt, but in the mean time we drive the car or the bus.
It's a little inconvenient but we will continue this way until  we find something else.
15 passenger vans are very hard to come by unless you order them new.
We have been very blessed with our van. 14 years and 18 children have cycled through it.
Doug was a little teary to see it go but all was ok, due to the story
that unfolded from the family that bought the van. It was a blessing to be a part of their miracle
Heavenly Father is mindful of everyone's needs. He blesses all of us
and intertwines our lives in ways we don't recognize. Through the interaction with
the family that bought the van I was taught a couple of very important lessons.
 God allowed us to see a small part of his work and glory. We witnessed
God's love for all his children, including us, and we are grateful for the opportunity.
Now on to newer and more reliable transportation.
All thoughts and ideas on a new van will be greatly appreciated! :)

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  1. When we lived in Spokane we had quail in our yard and I loved them. They are so fun to watch. We have our own herd of ducks and geese over by our house. We enjoy them but some of the neighbors don't. There is one white one that I particularly like.
    I am sorry about your van and hope you locate another one soon. It is nice that you can be part of a blessing for others.
    Blessings, love and hugs!