Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Surgery Update 1

Gideon is in surgery this morning.  This picture was taken yesterday - he didn't have this smile this morning.  He seemed to know something was up and he was a little melancholy. They are putting in a band to restrict the blood flow through the Pulmonary Artery to reduce the pressure in his lungs.  Then after they get that where they want it, they will put him on the bypass machine and start the valve repair.  That will be a couple of stitches to smooth out the opening in the valve so it closes better.  Then the base of the valve will be strengthened so it keeps a better shape. 

They took him in at 8:30.  Our first update came at 10:00.  All the tubes are in and he is doing well.  The next update will be around 11:30 and every hour and a half thereafter.  They don't expect him to be on the bypass machine until about noon.  The surgery will most likely last for 6-7 hours so that will be about 3-4 o'clock this afternoon Utah time.  He will be heavily sedated for at least a day while they monitor pressures, etc.  

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  1. Praying for our little warrior Gideon. I hope that this will be his last surgery ever needed and that his smiles will always outweigh his tears.