Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Deanne's editorial to my FB post

Doug's Facebook post...

Gideon is out of surgery. Heart is beating on its own. The valve repair didn't go quite as well as everyone wanted. The surgeon called the leakage "moderate" now, but the other procedure to reduce the blood flow to the lungs should reduce the swelling in his heart over the next few months. The surgeon is hopeful about follow up surgeries in the next year or two, but it really depends on how this repair does. When a surgeon uses the word "hopeful" that is not the best thing in the world, but we feel blessed he made it through surgery and we feel peaceful that the Lord is in charge.

Deanne's comments to Doug's post...

Doug made the last post and I, Deanne, have to just give my take on this. The words "hopeful" were not filled with hope. It was more of "we will see". I asked what the options were for surgery in the future and there are two. They both depend on the valve working ok. The surgeon was not able to do what he wanted to the valve but was able to make some improvement. A doctor doesn't give you much hope when they say that Gideon is problable not a candidate for trasplant because of the pressues in his lungs. I am grateful he is alive and I will conciously treasure every minute we have with him and pray that our family will create such good strong memories that we can carry them with us once he is gone.


  1. Getting on my knees to pray. Thank you so much for keeping us updated.

  2. Thanks for the update; I am been thinking of you all day and praying for you all. I loved our visit yesterday. I admire your faith and want you to know that we love you all and you are always in our prayers. Gideon is a precious one for sure and I pray he will recover quickly. I know that you know that he is in the Lord's hands.