Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Have a Court Date!!!!!!!!!!

We finally got a court date for Olivia's finalization!  It has felt like such a long wait.  We were hoping to have it done the end of October but that is not how people work.  The more people in a process the slower it goes.  But we finally conquered.  We meet the judge Friday December 9th at 9:00am.  We are going to take Olivia out and buy her a new outfit then the day of finalization we will go out to eat.  We gave her the choice of what she wanted to do to celebrate and she chose to go to Chuck-A-Rama.  She is so excited. 

We get notes all the time about how much she loves us and how much she loves the family.  I am so grateful for this.  One day she will believe how wonderful she is and feel like she deserves happiness. The nightmares are coming very frequently now.  It is clear where her fears lie as she tells us her dreams. I hope that these will come to a stop fairly soon after all the legal work is done.  She deserves to feel safe and secure.

We decorated the Christmas Tree this week.  The year we got married we bought a Precious Moments ornament for our first Christmas.  This started a family tradition.  Each time a child was born or joined our family we bought them an ornament for the year the child was born. Of course, there are also ornaments that belong to individual children that they have collected over the years.  Olivia noticed this and began to get sad.  I knew this would happen so a few weeks ago I bought an ornament for Olivia and Hyrum (Bria's was too expensive, still looking).  I was planning on decorating the tree with Doug there and presenting the ornament to Olivia as her parents.  Things didn't work out the way I planned and Doug wasn't there for the tree trimming.  I had to tell Olivia that she had something when Dad got home. We saved a spot on the tree right in front for her.  As soon as Doug got home she had to remind me that we had something for her.  We gave her the ornament and she hung it in her special spot on the tree.

Olivia is doing so well.  She is a strong beautiful girl with a majesty within her. There will be a day that I will be standing with my beautiful daughter dressed in her white wedding dress. I will look at her golden skin and vibrant smile and my heart will be filled with gratitude that I have the opportunity to be her mother and guide her through the troubled waters of life. I will see how far she has come and realize even more deeply how strong and valiant she is.  We are truly blessed to have her.


  1. Wow, October? That's a long ways away! :) I'm so excited for Olivia to be official!
    ~Your favoritest daughter

  2. And which daughter might this be?? You know what I meant - but thanks for pointing that out. I changed it to December.