Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hyrum's A Star - and other stuff

Hyrum was one of the lucky children in China to be supported by a fantastic group called Love Without Boundaries.  This organization does everything from medical intervention for orphans to supporting with food, clothes and supplying foster care.  Along with that support also comes advocating for the children that are available for adoption.  It is through their blog that I learned about Hyrum.  When we got back from China I requested any information or pictures they had of him as he grew.  Just a couple of weeks ago I was asked to write an update on Hyrum. I was happy to do whatever they asked of me.  I don't have a lot of time or brain power to write well but I figures someone would edit for me.  Thank heavens that a great lady Barbara is more talented than me because she cleaned up what I had sent her and published it on the LWB blog.

It occurred to me yesterday that my little boy was going to be a star.  How cool is that?!  Here is the link to the LWB post if you are interested.  That is my little boy! :)

When Barbara sent me the proof she said that the picture of Hyrum on the counter surrounded by the family could keep her motivated.  I almost didn't send that picture.  I really don't like pictures of me, mostly because I don't like how I look and I don't feel like that is the me inside.  I haven't done very well lately of getting my makeup on either.  I really am back in baby mode.  I was hoping Barbara wouldn't use that picture but she did.  It is amazing to me how the Lord works.  I don't like a picture but send it anyway so they would have more to choose from. That picture not only gets used but makes a difference in someone Else's life.  The Lord is good.

A little update on Hyrum and Bria.  Bria is talking more and more.  She has opened up  a lot more and is giving hugs but refuses to let me give her a kiss if I ask. I get around that by just doing it.:))  Bria has been sleeping on a twin bed next to our bed while Hyrum has manipulated his way to our bed and sometimes in the middle of us. I lay with them while they fall asleep.  Hyrum cuddles in and I put my arm out to touch Bria.  Most of the time she moves as far away as possible.  In the last few days she has taken my hand and hugged it or cuddled up to Hyrum, who is next to me or other little things that show she is opening up.  Last night she scooted onto my bed and took my hand for a while.  That was huge for her!  She has also been running up to me and giving me big hugs.  We see much more happiness.  Not to often does she close down into herself or seem sad.  She is playing and wanting to be treated like a baby.

Hyrum is also doing very well.  He is such a happy little boy.  He is still learning that you can't hurt someone when you can't take the toy out of their hand or hit when you don't get your way. The funny thing with him is he is so sneaky about when he is mad or mean.  It's kind of funny some times.  Hyrum is going to be the drama king of the family.  We have used the word dramatic numerous times regarding Hyrum lately.  Look out drama department of Bingham High.  We have a new leading man in training.  Did I ever say he also loves to sing and dance.

I am going to add some pictures of the Christmas tree decorating.

Hyrum wearing an elf hat. He had to peek out from under it.

Bria with her new look.

Any guess who's taking pictures?

Santa in training.

Bria's peace sign. Too cute.

Malia got to put the star on the tree.

I know it's a fad to take pictures crooked
but Casey never got that memo.
How did he know?

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