Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Latest Going Ons

It seems that most of the time I sit down to write a blog post these days I don't know where to start.  Life, or children, have got me going so many mental and emotional directions that I can't stop to organize my thoughts.  So I guess I will just ramble a little about the goings on in our home the last few weeks.

We had our first post placement for Hyrum and Bria and the final post placement for our Olivia.  We sent all the paperwork in to China and got that off my plate.  I don't know who thought that there would be anything substantial to write in a post placement after being home for 30 days.  I can tell though that whoever it was had no idea what it is like to bring a new child into the family that doesn't know the culture, proper behaviors, language or have normal attachments.  If they did they would have asked for the first visit and paperwork to be done no earlier than 6 months.  I really thought that we were done with paperwork when we picked up our children.  All the post placement visits we have had, and we've had a lot, the social worker did all the work.  All I had to do was make sure the kids were dressed and the living room cleaned up.  Not with China.  I had to run around and print pictures, put them on card stock with captions, copy multiple papers and get more information to the social worker.  What a pain it was.  Now we only have to do this in 4 more months then again at 12 months home and 2, 3, and 5 years home.  I already promised not to beat my children what else do they want from me.

We are pushing the attorney to get a court date for Olivia's finalization as soon as possible. We are told the normal wait is 2 weeks but because of Thanksgiving it could be 3.  That puts us into the middle of December.  Olivia is getting more and more anxious about having this done.  She is afraid it won't happen and has nightmares most nights that she will always be an orphan.  But then she is afraid to have the finalization for other reasons.  What a tangle of emotions she has right now.  I can see this get harder on her every day.  She needs all the prayers you have to offer right now.  She is such a sweet girl.  She struggles with feelings no one should have to fight especially because of where they came from.  I have faith that one day she will be made whole, healed from the wounds inflicted on her but it will be a difficult journey.  I feel to some degree that I may be sharing things that are too private but I want people to understand the difficulties that arise for these poor children.  They need a lot of love and support. I know many of you are concerned for her and some have made a great effort to support her. Thank you Tammy for sending her the pillow pet. She loved it and keeps it on her bed to sleep with at night.  It is a sign to her that she is loved. Mom, thanks for the letter.  It is still held in a special place for her and she can't wait to see you again. It only takes something little to remind her she is special.  Hopefully one day that belief will be the dominate thought for her.

We have had two snow storms in the last 2 weeks.  All the kids had to go out as soon as they could to play.  Olivia was disappointed that we don't get more snow because where she lived before they had 6-8 feet in the yard.  She didn't have all the awesome brothers and sisters to share it with though. Bria enjoyed the snow but doesn't seem too impressed.  It is so cute to see her pull her jacket up over her head when we go out in the cold.  I realized that I need to use the coat with a hood from now on.  Hyrum LOVES the snow. We were headed into Costco and it was snowing a little. He didn't want to go in the store but didn't put up much of a fuss.  When we came out big flakes were floating down.  He ran right out into the street to enjoy the snow.  It's a good thing it was 20  minutes past closing so there weren't very many cars.  He danced around looking up into the sky in awe.  One flake landed right on the top of his nose and he jumped and screamed.  He immediately started laughing.  I wish I had a video camera.  He was just too cute.

We also spent a couple of day canning applesauce. Sereen came over and helped me do 160 quarts. There is no way I could have done it without her help. Having great older kids is more of a blessing than I could have ever imagined. All the kids got into the action. They washed, pulled off stickers, quartered, smashed and poured to their hearts content. I don't know where they got it but my kids like to can. We had a very sticky mess when we were done and by 2:00am I was exhausted and left it to be cleaned the next morning. Now can you believe that not one child wanted to help me clean that mess? Nope not one. That's OK, I didn't want to do it either.

Hannah's birthday cake! 

Of course, Sereen made it.  She just needed an excuse. 
She's waited for a couple of birthdays until someone wanted it.
Hannah was very happy to oblige.

 Our Hannah turned 11 this year. She is changing fast.

The boys love to set up the Hot Wheel tracks. 

Marshall taking a break from Hot Wheels to read to Hyrum.

Sereen gave Casey the photography bug while we were in China.
This was a shot in motion. He has some other cool pictures.

The first very wet snow of the year.
Love Emma's pose. I have no idea where she gets it.
I also don't know how she doesn't get cold when all she wears is a light sweater.
I made her at least put that on.

Bria, Casey, Hyrum and Hannah. 
 I bet that was Hyrum and Bria's first time to even see snow.

Pierce at the beginning of his huge snow ball.

Aren't they adorable.
Niya and Clayson worked hard together to make this big of a snow ball.

Malia pulling Bria in the sled.
They offered Hyrum to go on the sled but he hesitated just a split second to long.
Bria sat right down and settled in for the ride.
She loved it.

What a handsome boy Creed is.
 I just wish we had some good pictures of him.
He professes that he doesn't like to have his picture taken.

Niya has a smile that is contagious.

Casey diving into his snow ball.
He loves this picture.

Hyrum and Hannah

Olivia enjoying her time in the snow with her siblings.


  1. Great cake Sereen made! I have to remember that one. "Happy late birthday Hannah!" Although we didn't grow up with a winter wonderland, there is something quite nostalgic about seeing children playing in the snow. (Yeah, I know, it's easy for me to say since I don't have to live in it :) We wish we could be playing in the snow with you all!

  2. How wonderful to see the kids adjusting to their new family so well! Great pictures! I'm wondering how you keep track of all the various mittens and boots for so many hands and feet!! That is one thing that I struggle with :-)
    Keep praying for us Deanne that we get TA this week, otherwise we won't get to travel to China until after the New Year. You sound busy-if your life slows down, drop me a line.