Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Been a While

OK, I realized it has been a while but I didn't realize how long it's been since we posted.

Life around here has gotten extremely busy. We have had 7 doctor appointments in under two weeks with two more next week.  That will make 9 appointments or procedures in 15 days.  We already have one surgery scheduled for the beginning of January to separate Bria's little fingers and clean up one hand and foot.  Our next appointment we will get the results of both children's MRI's.  Hopefully we will get a full feel of what is going on and know where to start.  We found out that Hyrum has another special need.  Because of this the MRI was a great blessing in knowing where he stands physically.

We owe so much to Shriner's Hospital. They got Bria in to see the doctor within a week and while there for Bria's club foot I mentioned the new info we found out about Hyrum.  I asked a couple of questions knowing they would have better info than I could get off the Internet and could point me in the right direction for care.  As the doctor and I started talking the great man that has been there for us since last November said,

"We can take care of that."

Within minutes they had a registration packet for Hyrum and got him in for xrays.  We walked out of the initial appointment for Bria not just having a consultation but all the initial workup with xrays and 3 more appointments scheduled with specialists.  On top of that Hyrum also had his exam and xrays with 2 more appointments and both had MRI's scheduled for the next week.  We had to wait while the secretary called Primary Children's Hospital to schedule the MRI's so they could ask questions.  Near the end of the call the secretary got uncomfortable and had to answer "bill it to Shriner's".  She had to repeat this twice.  Now for the second time the tears came, knowing if it were not for the goodness of all those that donate these children may have been left in China or our family would be financially stuck for years to come.

We came home that night and told the children about our experience.  The whole family is now very anxious to give back to Shriner's.  We are brain storming for things we can donate. While there Bria came home with a fleece blanket and two beanie babies.  Hyrum got a car and beanie baby. We thought that we could make blankets and on black Friday buy a bunch of cars to donate.  Olivia is very excited to have a donation party.  She wants to have projects for people to do and then donate them.  She even wants to do this for her birthday.  She is a very unselfish girl.

All of the children are doing so well.  The adjustment for the family has been very smooth.  No one is showing signs of trouble, not even a little insecurity. Hyrum is getting better and better. He loves his family so much!!  He is now starting to work with his emotions and is settling down quite a bit.  He still makes messes but is not getting into so many things just to throw them around. He can now sleep with us in bed and even moves himself right next to me in the middle of the night.  He won't go to sleep without me holding him, which is good in this situation.  Hyrum is now discriminating between those he knows and those he does not.  He is getting shy and reserved around others.  For those that know attachment you know that is fantastic.  He looks in our eyes easily and offers kisses all the time.  At church Sunday there was a new baby, Hyrum had to look at the baby.  He took his little hand and very gently stroked the babies cheeks for a long time.  It is clear that he has helped with the babies at the orphanage.  When he gets angry we don't get the pinching and hitting like a week ago.  And when he does something wrong he fairly easily will give hugs and kisses and try to make things better.  Bria is also moving along well in her adjustment.  She is very attached to me and wants me all the time.  Like a baby she wants me to walk around the house seeing everything.  Because she is not the size of a baby that is not possible, besides I have other things to do.  She is now showing real emotion and will call everyone by name.  She is trying to learn English and has used some phrases properly.  The other day I was looking for my bag so we could go to the doctor.  I had her in my arms and was getting a little worried as I kept saying "where's by bag".  Bria pointed and said "there it is".  She is a smart little girl.  She is still reserved and scared at times but doing much better.  Her progression is much faster than I expected and you can see that she is feeling safer here.  We are loving the little personality that we are starting to see.

I had to go somewhere last Wednesday night.  Doug stayed home so the kids could still feel safe.  I had a window of 10 minutes that he could call and tell me to come back home.  No call so I thought things were going well.  I got home 2 hours later and Hyrum

All our posts seem to be on Hyrum and Bria lately.  It's not because we love them best they are just the center of every ones lives right now. We are going to have our post placement for Olivia, Hyrum and Bria tomorrow.  We are all excited about that. Olivia really needs this to be done!! Please pray for a speedy finalization.  She is doing well but I do see signs of emotional discomfort because of not having things done yet. The visit will go very well I am sure.  We have a great social worker and all the kids are doing amazingly well.

                                           The cool guy. Casey's favorite picture.

                                         A friend gave this blanket to Bria.
                              Right after the friend left Bria laid the blanket out
                                                           and laid down.

                      Playing hide and seek with Pierce one night at about 9:45pm.
                                 They now have to hide in the pantry when they play.

                              Hyrum discovered the cups and how to get water by himself.
                           I figured it better show him a safe way to play that didn't include
                                            pouring the water all over the house.

                                                            One of Bria's first kisses.

Now I have to post a few more times over the next couple of days to catch up on the rest of the family. More fun pictures to come.


  1. I think you may have gotten distracted. Or maybe interrupted is more like it but you didn't finish the story about when you went somewhere Wednesday night.

  2. I figured out the problem with the story not being done. I saved it twice in the midst of life and must have saved the wrong one.

    Thanks for the heads up!!!

  3. I have finally caught up on your blog since leaving for China last March! Congratulations on your newest three children. What a bonus to have found your little Olivia. I thought it was ingenious the way you two split up in China to save time. I think that you should post that on RQ so that other parents think of that option.