Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who Is My Mother?

Today as Malia, Olivia and I were on the way to the store Malia popped out an odd question that illustrates the uniqueness of our family.

"Who was my Mom before you?"

I was a little confused so I asked "What do you mean?"

"Who were my parents before you got me?"

Olivia interjected quickly with "Heavenly Father and Mother."

As the light went on in my brain as to her confusion I realized I had to think fast. In the split second I had to formulate an analogy so Malia could understand our answer I realized I had in no way prepared myself for these types of questions. Who would have ever thought that their biological child would ask who her mother was? I just wanted to laugh, but decided to be a good mother and started talking instead.

What do you say to this? I gave it my best effort and told the girls that it's like going on a trip. Sometimes we stop and eat lunch at a park or stay over night in the middle of the trip. But some trips we just go straight there without stopping at all. Malia went straight to our family and Olivia had a few stops in the journey. I have no idea if she understood or not because her next comment was on a totally different subject.

We thought it was funny that when Hannah was younger she thought baby's came from the airport.  I didn't think I would ever face having to explain to a bio child that I was the mother that created her body.

At least we know that our children are OK with our family being formed in an unconventional way. They are no respecter of persons.

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  1. This is my favorite post on your blog thus far. What a great analogy you gave!