Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cheryl - Trials provide opportunity

We have a very good friend who needs some help.  Even though we've only known her through a Yahoo! adoption group and email correspondence, we have become very close.  Cheryl and her husband have been on the journey to adopt a little girl from China.  She and Deanne have shared many of the emotional ups and downs throughout the process.  Last weekend her husband had a sudden heart attack and passed away.  This was very devastating to her in many ways.  Of course she lost her "whole world, best friend and soul mate".  Her two other children lost their father.  And their little girl in China may not be able to come home now.   Her life changed in an instant.  She is a very sweet person and has been surrounded by much love during this past week, but losing the main source of her household income, she obviously has many concerns about her financial future - keeping her home, continuing with the adoption, etc.

Her trial presents us with an opportunity to serve through giving.  We opened a Paypal account for her to allow anyone who is in a position to give to do so.  Please see the link below. Any amount would not only provide financial relief, but also show her that the world is still a caring place and she has an "extended family" who loves her and recognizes her goodness.


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