Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A testament to endless possibilities

We were looking for a story about the miraculous 4 month old baby girl that survived the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. She was found alive buried under rubble days after the tsunami. What an amazing story.

While reading the story there was this video on the side bar. We had to watch it. This gives me such hope. Our newest daughter from China has missing fingers. We have had a discussion about how to encourage her talents thinking that she would not be able to play piano like so many of our other children. Ressa and I decided that she could focus on singing if music was the direction she wanted to go. After seeing this video I realized I need to open up my mind to all her possibilities. There is no reason she could not play piano. If this girl can play with no fingers our daughter can play with missing fingers. I sure have a lot to learn about helping children see their possibilities. What a great video.


  1. That is incredible! It makes me want to be more dedicated to my piano playing. If she can do that with no fingers then I should be more grateful for the fingers I do have.

  2. Truly inspiring! I hope you post a link on RQ because they are talking about limb differences.