Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick Clarification

Deanne and I found the video we included in the preivous post and many points in it really touched us. It was definitely a strong message delivered in a way that many of us in the LDS religion are not used to - very forceful and bold. But the idea of serving the Lord through caring for orphans is obviously an ancient biblical message delivered by Christ Himself. There was no hidden agenda in the timing of the announcement of our blog and that last post. In fact, we thought about not sending the announcement for another week or so after other posts just to avoid that assumption, but we did it anyway. We certainly didn't want everyone to think we think everyone needs to adopt. We know the circumstances have to be right for anyone to make that decision. We just wanted to give you some insight as to why we are so crazy and have decided to add 2 more to our family. And if our blog and this post in particular makes it in front of someone who needs just a little more encouragement to act on something they have been prompted to do, we hope this would help them take the next step. Kind of like missionary work - the circumstances and timing have to be right for someone to accept the gospel.

This blog will be a progression of our thoughts and our life. Many people have encouraged us to do a blog - maybe because they are curious about what life is like inside a family like ours. We know we are an oddity and it is diffult at times to let our personal thoughts and feelings out into cyberspace, but we feel that some may benefit from our experiences just like we have benefitted from knowing all of you and a little about your life's experiences. I guess that is what Heavenly Father intended - we all grow together through sharing with each other.

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  1. So far I think only my family reads my blog as well, but that's okay- gotta start somewhere! We only have 7 kids as compared to your 13, and are in our late 40's (who am I kidding- I'm turning 50 this year!) but are still planning on adopting and want to be an advocate and set an example that older parents CAN do this. I hope we somehow influence other families, and that the ripple effect can result in more children finding their families.
    Keep writing!!