Thursday, September 18, 2014

Zip Line

As the saying goes, "The third time is a charm."  This was especially true with our attempts at a successful zip-line in our back yard.  Our nephew Kurt made it happen... 

1st attempt: On Labor day we cemented in a steel pole for our 90 foot zip line.  That bent enough to put slack in the cable as soon as Creed went down it.  We subsequently dug the pole and about 3 bags worth of cement out with it. 

2nd attempt: We then went to a wood post, but the largest I found was a 4x6 at Home Depot.  I wanted an 8x8 or larger, but couldn't find one readily available. The lumber post was much better than the steel, but with the zip line attached 10 feet up the pole, there was still a lot of leverage and it still flexed too much.

3rd attempt: Master Builder, brother-in-law, David, suggested a dead man anchor to add tension in the opposite direction.  Nephew Kurt was here for a couple of days with Kayla and the girls and he had extra time on his hands.  He said he loves I gave him one.  We now have a dead man in our backyard (not Kurt) -a cement filled hole with a rebar loop to which he connected a $15 Harbor Freight come-along to add the necessary opposing tension to the zip line. 

Ready to roll.... or zip...

Professionally engineerig rigging.

A little bonus fun for the first zip line rides.  The kids found this snake under a dump truck in the sand box.  He was obivously laying in there trying to digest his lunch.
The Go Pro view.

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  1. Wow, that is quite the project; but the smiles on their faces going down the Zip line would be worth the effort. Awesome!