Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Baseball game

Nothing like a baseball game under the lights!  I took 10 kids to the minor league Salt Lake Bees game a few weeks ago and a few things made it memorable, besides the score...our team got slaughtered 13-2.  First of all, we had my Niece Chloe with us and it was her first baseball game ever.  It was also the first time she found out that I played baseball in my younger days.  I was already her favorite uncle, but that sealed the deal.
Another memorable moment came when I bought $17 worth of cotton candy and passed it down the row for everyone to share.  The lady in back of me said to her husband, loud enough for me to hear,
"That is such a nice man in front of us to buy a treat for everyone in his row." 
I didn't spoil her "moment" and let her believe what she wanted. Besides, it would have sounded awkward to turn around and say, "They are all mine and it was my parental responsibility to overpay for colored sugar so my kids would endulge their father in a few hours of baseball."   

It was also memorable because I learned about the cool selfies my new phone can take. 
The lense shoots both ways!  I'll bet Tyler's fancy camera can't do that!


  1. I think that it so awesome that you all went to a baseball game. It's fun to learn you played. My Dad was a coach of our town baseball team for years so i spent a lot of time at baseball games.
    I can just see those cotton candy going down the row.
    I really liked this one!

  2. Awww! It's sad that your team lost. Well, at least the kids had fun watching, right? I would've cringed at the fact that you had to supervise ten kids at the game, but it sounds like they were all so well-behaved. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the game. Thanks for sharing all about that fun day! All the best! :)

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express