Thursday, August 14, 2014

Give Thanks

Yesterday was Costco day. I think our shopping alone keeps at least one employee in a job every month. About a year ago I had a goal to keep the Costco bill under $400 each week. That would include the extras that I may buy, like a pair of pants, movie or anything not a consumable. Over this last year I have noticed our needs increase and so has the Costco bill. I am now very happy to see the receipt total less than $500. This is not because I buy more extras but because my kids are eating so much more. I have cut back on foods that cost more and they are now treats. Food like Mango Salsa, cheeses, Chocolate Chips, real maple syrup, etc. I was very happy to see I was able to get done with my shopping and be at a grand total of $435 including two pair of jeans. Pretty good.

When I got home from shopping I was in a hurry to get to Sereen's to take the kids swimming so we quickly put everything away and left. This morning we organized the fruit that sits on the counter. When the job was complete I looked over and what a sight I saw. There on the counter was a stack of great abundance and just above it were the words "Give Thanks". I just had to take a picture.

In the 18 hours since coming home from Costco we have consumed probably 10 bananas, 2 containers of grapes, a watermelon and a Golden Melon. There are vegetables in the refrigerator and we are prepared for a week before we need to go shopping again. The fruit will give out before the week is over but that's ok. The eggs will continue to come at the rate of 12-15 a day, hopefully and the "Give Thanks" sign will sit in it's place on my window sill as a constant reminder that we are blessed abundantly.
There are times when I reflect on my childhood and think of being limited to one piece of fruit a day if we had to buy it. Wishing I could eat my fill and hoping that I would have the opportunity to provide endless fruit to my children. Like my parents before me, we still need to limit the amount of fruit the kids eat but as I look at my counter this morning I am deeply grateful for our abundance.


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  1. My dear friend; I enjoyed reading this post. I have wondered how you handle feeding such a large family and I can see that you do very well indeed. I love the picture and yes you are greatly blessed with a lovely family and it is sweet to know that you have these great blessings.
    Continued blessings for you all~