Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fun In Nauvoo

This is a long picture post. It should have come in installments
but our days were so full that there was no time to blog. Sorry about that.
We spent a lot of time site seeing and enjoying the spirit of Nauvoo.
This is our fourth time as a family, however, the first time for four of
our children. We have never gone to Nauvoo in  July for two reasons.
First, we have been afraid of the heat and humidity. The weather proved to
be very nice. Second, July is pageant month. We don't like crowds much
and as our family has grown we like them even less.
This year three of our kids tried out to be in the pageant.
Sadly, none of them made it in the core cast so as a consolation
we took the family to Nauvoo for our vacation. It was either that or San Diego.
I'm still itching to go to San Diego!

We did a 2 mile handcart pull early in the morning. It was supposed to be fairly easy.
It actually was until we go to a point in the trail where a tree had fallen in the middle of the trail.
We had to scout a way around it. The only other route wasn't easy but we made it.

Emma is not the most active child. A couple years ago we went on a 4 mile hike.
Emma cried and complained the whole time. We all love the hike. Because of the one
experience we now call it the Emma hike and everyone knows what that is. :)
I was afraid of how Emma would do.
See the big smile. She loved the trek.

Casey, Olivia and Hannah were on the same cart.
Two people pulled while two pushed. We had 4-5 people
assigned to each cart.

My intention was to have Hyrum and Bria walk the whole time
Their Uncle Lenny plopped them right down in his cart.
Those kids had it easy.

Hyrum was supposed to be with another group but who could split these two up?
Hyrum and Bria couldn't even sleep separated.
We had girls in one spot of the house we rented and boys in another.
Hyrum was not going for that. He had to be with Bria.

In Nauvoo there are lots of original and replica homes and buildings.
It is the prefect place to see how the people in the mid 1800's lived.
There is a building called the Family Living Center.
In it they demonstrate different things about daily life.
Bread making, rug weaving, candle making, barrel making and other things.
This is Clayson and Hyrum turning the wheel to make the rope.
The best part of Nauvoo, it's all free!!

Matching cousins. These two boys chose the same color clothes that day
without even knowing it. I love this picture. They are so sweet.

I have needed to go through pictures and find some of the kids recently.
I noticed some of the kids are poorly represented. Olivia being one of them.
So, as we walked around the Women's Garden, I couldn't resist having Pierce take
some pictures of Olivia. If she weren't so obedient we wouldn't even have these pictures.

Erin, my niece, was so good with the kids.
They love her and the rest of their cousins that were there with us.
We went to the pageant every night we were there.
We had planned on attending the pageant only two nights
but the kids loved it so for 5 nights in a row the kids got to bed at 11:00pm or after.
It was so worth it.

Each night before the pageant there were a lot of pioneer activities.
One of them was a rope pull. All of the family got in on the action.
We had a epic battle. Here you see most of one side.
Notice the obvious presence of the male gender and more developed muscles.
Now, notice the amount of young children and lack of muscles
on the other side. We had one man, a teen boy, old lady, one woman and
many children. Not very evenly matched. Or so it seems.

Does that smiling face look like one that is pulling with all their might?
No, I didn't think so either.

Yeah, not too much muscle here but having lots of fun.

Now, see Doug's face. He is turning red he is pulling so hard
and Clayson. He is getting a bit worried.
Our side was the clear underdog's but we pulled
with all our might and they could not get us.
After several minutes of a standoff and them inching us forward
very little by little, a couple of us let go.
We put up a great fight. I can never be accused of being a wimp. :)

Though Creed can't admit that he had any fun on our boring trip to see old houses,
I think this picture tells another story.

One of the activities provided was dancing.
There were people that taught different western dances among other
old time dancing. Here is our niece Chloe and dancing with Scott.

Hannah and Chloe were inseparable!
I think their favorite place in Nauvoo was anywhere the boys were.
For the first time in her life Chloe experienced
consistent attention from the opposite gender.
We have teased her mercilessly.
What else is a family for?

Pierce got in on the action at the dance floor.

A great picture of a great man!!!

Doug had us all line up in front of the statue then took this picture. Pretty funny.
He did take more pictures with the family in it but you can't see the temple.
I thought the temple was better looking than I am.

The family, minus our older kids, Gideon and one other.
The other child is a post for another day.

We took a couple of wagon rides.
This one was with oxen.
Hyrum, Bria, Clayson and Malia got to ride in the front.

This is how the pioneers led the team.
One big difference, all the kids would be walking not riding.

Half the family took the first ride.

The other half went on the second ride.
We had such a great time and love Nauvoo. We have decided that we are going to apply to be in the family cast next year. That means we will be in Nauvoo for two weeks and preform for one week in the pageant. I really hope we get chosen. Nauvoo is in our blood.

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  1. Oh, I had so much fun reading about your trip to Nauvoo. The pictures tell a great story too. I loved Nauvoo when we went there about 12 years ago. It looks like they have added more things; like the games and etc. I will hope we get another moment there. I want to go through the Nauvoo Temple really bad. We were there for the open house 12 years ago with one of our daughters that had just come home from her mission. I would love to have a family reunion there; it would be awesome. I am so happy you were able to go and I hope you get in the cast next year. If you do maybe we will come and see you all in it. Love and hugs!