Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In His Own Words

Last week Hyrum was asked if he would like to give a talk in Primary. Of course, he said yes but in Hyrum style it was with jumping and extreme excitement. Sunday morning we sat down on the couch, I with pen and paper and Hyrum dictated what he wanted to say. I am of the opinion that these talks are for my children and I should allow them to say what they want to say. If they get too off base I will redirect them back to the topic. Hyrum needed no redirecting. We wrote his talk and in church he got up and gave it with confidence.

Here is Hyrum's talk. I added some ands and tos but otherwise this is in his own words.

Jesus keeps us safe from bad guys. The bad guy is Satan. When we do bad things that Satan wants us to do then Jesus helps us repent. Jesus wants us to repent and have the Holy Ghost. Jesus wants to see us again. We need to follow Jesus so we can live with him and Gideon.

Jesus wants us to be happy. Some ways to be happy are to clean our room and our bed. Go to church. Be nice and have bread. We can be happy when we play outside and do what mom and dad says. Jesus gave us the Priesthood so we can be happy.

I am happy that I will get to talk to Jesus when we are dead. I love Jesus. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.



  1. This is absolutely precious with the perfect picture to go along with the post! I wish I could have heard this in person!

  2. Oh my gosh his talk was so cute on Sunday. He has the sweetest smile ever and I just loved watching him give that talk. The picture with this post is so adorable.
    Blessings and hugs for you both!

  3. Thank you all. I was surprised at his understanding of the principles of the gospel. More is being understood than I expected. He is such a good example to our family.