Friday, August 16, 2013

The Little Things

You want to take a guess why this picture is so AWESOME?
No?  Ok, I'll tell you then.
Those red flip flops are Scott's. Sitting right out in the family room with two other pair of shoes that don't belong there. Why in the world would I think that is awesome?
Well, this is the first time that Scott has left anything out of his possession or out of it's proper place.
He walked off to bed tonight and left his shoes out!!!
This means that he is feeling safer and more at home.
Beyond awesome!!
Since I already broke my rule of no two posts a day I might as well post more pictures of a boy that is transforming before our very eyes..
Tyler, Scott's oldest brother, so cool to say Scott has a brother, is in the production
The Scarlet Pimpernel.
We took all the older kids that wanted to go and met Ressa and Jason there.
Scott chose to sit by Jason, he loves older males.
Scott LOVED the play. He laughed and was attentive the whole time.

Scott learning to make bread.
We make it almost daily
 and when I don't make it every day I scramble to think of something for lunch.
I just can't bring myself to pay so much money for terrible bread at the store.

Scott sitting on Mom's legs and having fun.
Hyrum doesn't think it's so fun. Just look at his face.
I think that one got a
"Stop it Gui" out of Hyrum. :)

Scott on the tramp with the other kids.

Hannah and Olivia helping Scott keep his balance.

Scott was in the garage and came in with a pretty bad skinned knee.
I was in the other room and no one came to get me.
Who knows, maybe I was in the bathroom. :)
The girls cleaned the knee up a bit and put band aids on it.
It took all of 5 minutes for Scott to take them off.
A couple of days later we were playing tag in the back yard
and Scott tripped. This is what we found. Blood running down his leg in 3 places.
It was much worse than the picture shows and unless you think this kid is tough
the smile came for the camera only. :)
The next day Doug stopped at the grocery store to resupply our first aid materials.
Marshall has used them all up.

Scott loving life!

Scott loves to do art. We have a friend that brought over some art supplies.
Scott spent a few hours coloring this picture.
He was so proud when he brought it up to me.
I immediately gave his art the coveted space.
He went right back down to his room and colored another picture.


  1. That IS awesome that he is ALREADY leaving his stuff out. That was so fast!

    The picture he colored looks like stained glass. I love how he made the boat multicolor. My boys would love this.

  2. I saw Scott's picture on a web site when he desperately needed a home. It is wonderful to have found him on your blog and to see that he is fitting in so well. Blessings to you all.


  3. I love that boy of your's smile. The pictures were awesome. It is fun to see him adjusting. That was a super neat painting that he did. I am sure it will be fun to watch him discover his own talents.

  4. I had the joy of spending a week last April with Scott at his orphanage. I am over the top happy that God has provided him a wonderful loving family. I just loved seeing him smile then but to see that awesome smile now in a family is so wonderful. Thank you for opening your heart to this sweet young man.
    God Bless,