Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blessing From Above

As moms we all have moments that remind us of why we do what we do. Why we give up our lives for our children and for the most part love it. Today I had one of those moments. Actually a few of those moments today.

I wanted to make bread for lunch and bring a loaf to some friends. I was in the middle of the process when Olivia showed signs of emotional distress. I kind of felt if coming but today I saw it clearly. (I don't say any of this to reveal Olivia's story but I have decided more openness is in order.) I was sitting at the computer while I waited for the next step in the bread making process. I called Olivia over. She didn't move. That is not like Olivia, she obeys quickly most of the time. I could see in her eyes that she couldn't do it. She couldn't emotionally bridge that gap between us. I tried to coax her over as thoughts of going to her crossed my mind. Immediately I knew I needed to stay put and have her come to me. She HAD to trust me. I said "Olivia, you are strong. You can do it". She got up and sat on my lap.

We talked for a few minutes and I reminded Olivia that she was a daughter of God. she was made in His image which meant that she had the seeds of God in her. She could and will overcome the hurdles in her life. As I said this and more I noticed Scott sitting in the corner of the couch slumped down in a position of either boredom or sadness. Sometimes I can't read him. It didn't take long to realize Scott was not doing so well either. To my right I could hear Hyrum crying over something very trivial. He too is going through some adjustment still since Gideon pushed him out of his place as "king of the family". Along with the three children having a hard time I had others that wanted to ask me questions.

I  gently took Olivia by the arm so we could sit on my bed and talk. I noticed my half done bread and decided to get it one step closer and have Olivia wait. Casey walked in at that moment so I asked him to help Scott get involved in Dance Party on the Kinect, hoping that would cheer him up. Scott was reluctant but went. I was sure once he saw what was happening he would be fine. Next, one of the other children took on the responsibility to help Hyrum work out his issues. I looked around and at that moment the Spirit filled me with peace and compassion for my children. I was filled with a love for my struggling children and their sweet faces and challenges flashed in my mind one at a time. I was filled with a love for the children that nurtured and cared for one another. Then the bread and the family that I wanted to serve came to mind . I looked at that bread and had to smile. I knew that my batch of bread would be ruined for the second day in row and my friend would just have to wait another day. (They don't even know they are getting it so no big deal.) It was the perfect moment. I wished that I had a video camera going to remind myself of the sweetness of being a mother and the gifts God gives to strength and keep us going.

The beauty in all of that was the peace and compassion given in a moment, that could be and many times is, chaos in my soul. I was being stretched in many different directions but Heavenly Father took over and asked only one thing of me at the very moment I needed it. I am reminded that each and every one of us acts as angels on this earth in the lives of others. Do my children know that they were on the Lord's errand today? Most likely not but they were none the less. Do my children in the moments of struggle know that they have blessed my life immensely? Surely not, but through their challenges I have learned so much about the love of our Father in Heaven for each of us. He has taught me patience, faith, compassion and greater love.

This moment I will count as one of my treasured teaching moments and blessings from our Father in Heaven.

I won't go into detail but I had another son that demonstrated great compassion and charity for a family that he doesn't really even know. Not once but twice expressed his willingness to give up a privilege in his life so that this other family could have things just a little easier. What a blessing this day has been.

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  1. I could completely relate to this post. I believe it takes opposition to recognize and be grateful for the sweet mercies and I know you know exactly what I mean. :) I love you! D6W